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Now that summer is looming near, internships are on the mind. Hopefully, you’ve already locked down your internship for the summer and are gearing up for a great summer that will help you grow as a leader. However, it is never too early to start thinking about the future. I used the connections I made at my first summer internship to score my second one before I’d even left to go back to campus in August. There is no better place for young conservative women to intern than with conservative organizations who have missions that align with their core values. Below are 15 conservative or Right-leaning organizations to consider if you’re looking for an internship in the conservative movement.

1. Republican National Committee

Do you love politics and the Republican Party? Then the Republican National Committee might be the internship for you. Especially in big election years, the RNC headquarters are the place to be for lovers of the Republican Party who want to keep it running smoothly.

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2. College Republicans National Committee

If you’re a college activist who loves the Republican Party and are active in your college’s CRNC chapter, working for the College Republicans National Committee might be for you.  Not only do they offer summer internships, but they also offer fall and spring as well.  To find out more information and to apply, click here

3. Turning Point USA

If activism is what you love, you’ve probably heard of Turning Point USA. This organization is notable for their funny stickers and signs, and their saying “Big Government Sucks.” If you agree, want to become a better activist, and leader for small government on your campus, check out TPUSA’s internship opportunities.

4. Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

If you are a young college-aged conservative woman passionate about becoming the next big leader in the conservative movement and encouraging that in your fellow women, consider an internship with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. CBLPI works tirelessly with notable conservatives including Andrea Tantaros, Christina Hoff Sommers, Stacey Dash, and more to bring conservative speakers to schools and build the next generation of conservative women.

5. Young America’s Foundation

If you’re an activist on your campus and love to spread the ideas of conservatism through speaker events and activities such as a Funeral for Halloween, Berlin Wall Exhibitions and more, then Young America’s Foundation might be the place for your summer internship. They work hard to teach America’s next generation of conservatives to get out on college campuses and spread the word.

6. American Conservative Union

If you loved CPAC, consider working for the people that make it happen: the American Conservative Union. If you consider yourself a Conservative first and foremost, and love organizing and executing events that spread the message of conservatism and get conservatives fired up, the ACU may be for you.

7. Susan B Anthony List

If you’re passionate about the pro-life movement and saving the unborn across our nation, check out the Susan B Anthony List. Interns with SBAL help organize events in favor of life and raise awareness for the very real issue of abortion that affects so many of our college campuses and women around us everyday.

8. Regnery Publishing

If you love to read conservative books by Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Wiliam F Buckley Jr, and more, then why not intern with the preeminent publisher of conservative books? Regnery Publishing has been on the forefront of publishing conservative books for over half a decade and working with Regnery means working for a New York Times best-selling company.  They are dedicated to making sure our bookshelves aren’t dominated by liberal garbage.


9. National Review

If journalism is more your speed, consider an internship with the most famous conservative magazine in the country, the National Review. The William F Buckley Jr founded magazine is known for its dedication to conservatism.  It is becoming increasingly more necessary in the liberal environment on campuses and across the country. If you love to write and defend conservatism, check out National Review.

10. Eagle Forum

If you adore classical conservative values like small government, family, and life, the Eagle Forum is the place for you. Founded byPhyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum is always there to keep the right planks in the Republican Party platform and encourage conservative values in voters.

11. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

If you’re a strong proponent of the First Amendment and want to make sure that it doesn’t go the way of the dinosaurs, then an internship with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is for you. FIRE works to fight unconstitutional practices on college campuses, including free speech zones, unfair rulings against conservatives clubs, and more.

12. Network of Enlightened Women

If you’re tired of hearing all that garbage about the “war on women” and are looking for a change of pace from militant campus feminism, work with the Network of Enlightened Women. NeW interns can work in a variety of specialties, from event planning to social media to development, and will develop a network of strong, influential liberty-minded individuals.

13. Heritage Foundation

If the internship you imagine places you at a nationally known think tank dedicated to advancing conservative values and working towards tangible policy goals. If you’re interested in an internship where you will get hands on experience in policy work and meeting national leaders on topics such as defense, energy and the environment, and healthcare.

14. Leadership Institute

If training students, activists, and leaders sound interesting to you, then check out the Leadership Institute. Since 1979, LI has been leading activists and leaders in the conservative movement.  They have been teaching leaders valuable skills like fundraising, campaign tips and tricks, and how to tailor their message. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of being a better conservative leader, give LI a try.

15. National Federation of Republican Women

If you want to intern with a national group with more than 10,000 members across the country, NFRW is right up your alley. If you’re passionate about recruiting, training and electing Republican candidates all while working to spread the message of the Republican Party, consider NFRW for your summer internship.

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