In Every Monday Matters, Matthew Emerzian presents an alternative to the weekly devotional for non-religious folks or individuals looking for a self-help supplement to help them start every week off on the right foot and grow in their goals. With chapters based around setting goals for the week and taking action to obtain them, there are lots of options for those looking to really commit and those looking to just dip their toes into the world of self-help.

Each section begins with “Monday Gets –” and explores goals for ourselves such as quietness, selflessness, joyfulness, awareness, and resilience.

Ideally, you’ll read this like a weekly devotional and tackle each task as they come along. I enjoyed reading it as a complete book and seeing how the process progressed,but I believe you’ll get the most out of it when you tackle what it lays out on your own schedule. Some of these “tasks” include

  • Search your soul
  • Be in aware
  • Live authentically
  • Plan your plan
  • Fail at something
  • Laugh til it hurts
  • Unplug
  • Say no to say yes
  • Prioritize people

There are also journal entries, which is perfect because those are all the rage and provide a great outlet for tracking your progress and understanding your own feelings about a situation.

For example, one journal entry asks, “In what areas of your life do you find yourself compromising due to your lack of courage to be yourself or your willingness to speak your truth? Why do you continue to make those choices, and how can you be more honest with yourself and others?”

This is a great prompt because it encourages you to be reflective but also to plan ahead. For example, I know I work too hard and probably stretch myself too thin in a lot of ways. However, I also often shy away from taking speaking opportunities because of my own understanding of myself. Who cares what I have to say? Well, thousands of people on the internet, so why not a hundred people in a hotel ballroom? I could definitely be growing my “brand” if I got over my own inadequacies and just stretccccheeed.

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As you head into 2019 and plan for becoming a better or more concentrated version of yourself, consider picking up Every Monday Matters: How to Kick Your Week Off with Passion, Purpose, and Positivity which is on sale everywhere now.

It doesn’t hurt that, according to the publishers, “all proceeds from book sales support the Every Monday Matters K-12 Education Programs, helping millions of youth learn and embrace how much and why they matter.”

Get your copy here.

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