In “Unplanned,” Abby Johnson recounts her experience working for Planned Parenthood and her dramatic change of heart which led her to leave the organization, join the Coalition for Life, and juggle the growth and backlash that ensued. As a former director of the Bryan, Texas clinic, Abby eloquently captures the illusions of Planned Parenthood, the harm that abortion has on the unborn and their mothers, and her call from God to join the pro-life movement.

With thirteen years’ worth of stories, every single chapter of “Unplanned” will captivate your brain, heart, and spirituality. Although she was involved with Planned Parenthood with good intentions, Abby takes you through her journey to give a firsthand perspective of her realization that abortion does not “help women in crisis,” but rather compounds the physical and emotional turmoil of these individuals. Abby doesn’t shy away from highlighting her positive experiences with Planned Parenthood during which women received cancer screenings, STD testing, adoption assistance, and more, yet she shows how the organization’s funding depends on abortions, which causes priorities to shift. Not only does this disappoint Abby, it also reveals to her the toxic environment in which she had been working―one which utilizes semantics to mask radicalism, turned its back on Abby after she showed minor resistance, and eventually took her to court on false accusations.

Abby discloses that she, too, had abortions on two occasions. She reflects on her mindset, faith, and wellbeing before, during, and after these tragedies. Throughout her time with Planned Parenthood, she weighs the arguments surrounding abortion and offers a raw and relatable story of a pro-choicer who intends to act only out of kindness. Upon assisting in an abortion procedure, though, Abby experiences a momentous dawning of the truth and proceeds to the nearby Coalition for Life for support. Both pro-choice and pro-life viewpoints are included, since Abby spends years tirelessly working at the Planned Parenthood clinic inside the fence, but ultimately joins the pro-life movement, praying outside the fence during 40 Days for Life only two weeks after her resignation.

Unplanned” also dissects the first few years following Abby’s resignation, exposing the true colors of Planned Parenthood, the hope for those who feel called to abandon its efforts, and the closeness she feels with God as she follows His greater plan. Now, nearly ten years since Abby Johnson quit her job as a director of Planned Parenthood, this book has been adapted into a movie. In fact, it will be released in theaters across America on March 29th. It is said to be “A gripping film about one woman’s journey that captures your heart and… cuts past the rhetoric and the politics to tell the story about an insider who saw the truth and how it changed her life” by Tony Sands of the Right to Life League.

The Motion Picture Association of America has given the film an “R” rating due to “disturbing/bloody images” during abortion scenes, therefore proving the violence of this devastating procedure. Lila Rose, Founder and President of Live Action, pointed out on Twitter that this “R” rating also means that “In California, a 13-year-old can get an abortion at Planned Parenthood without her parent’s permission, but that same 13-year-old can’t go to a movie theater & watch Unplanned.

This book was riveting to say the least. Just like any book lover, I have a mile-long list of books I would like to read. Yet I am thankful to have prioritized reading “Unplanned” before the others and I am grateful that Abby Johnson was courageous enough to share her story with the me and the world. Therefore, I highly recommend reading “Unplanned” in anticipation of the movie. Even so, if you don’t have the time to invest in reading this book, I urge you to spare the mere one hour and forty-six minutes to watch the movie and encounter this extraordinary story.

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Lucy H
Lucy Hutchinson is a proud Pennsylvanian and daughter of Christ. She is a sophomore at Washington & Jefferson College and she aspires to attend medical school through the military to eventually become a dermatologist. When she’s not advocating for Israel, sun protection, agriculture, or GMOs, she’s probably studying or waiting around for her 21st birthday so she can obtain her concealed carry permit. (Not sponsored by Chick-fil-A but should be.)