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It isn’t Tuesday without a presidential primary, and Tuesday May 10th was no different.  It was finally time for Nebraska and West Virginia to go to the polls.

The race in West Virginia was called early on, with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as the clear winner of the race, though Cruz and Kasich were still on the ballot following their suspensions of their campaigns following the Indiana primary.

The race in West Virginia was also called early for Bernie Sanders, a win for him following a few setbacks against Hillary Clinton in recent primaries.  Clinton was widely criticized during her stops in West Virginia for her previous statements about ending the coal industry that is such a vital part of West Virginia’s economy.

In Nebraska, Trump took the race again.  Sanders also found another win in Nebraska,

Republicans have 36 delegates on the table in Nebraska and 34 delegates in West Virginia.

Democrats have 25 delegates up for grabs in Nebraska and 29 delegates in West Virginia.

Here are the results from Nebraska and West Virginia:

West Virginia-GOP

Donald Trump-76.9%

Ted Cruz-9%

John Kasich-6.8%

West Virginia-Democrats

Bernie Sanders-51%

Hillary Clinton-36%


Donald Trump-61.4%

Ted Cruz-18.5%

John Kasich-11.4%


Bernie Sanders-57.1%

Hillary Clinton-42.9%

Coming up on May 17th is the Kentucky Democratic Primary and the Oregon Primary for both parties, with 61 delegates available in Kentucky and 28 for Republicans and 74 for Democrats in Oregon.

May 24th will bring the Washington Republican Primary and June 4th and 5th will bring the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Democratic Caucuses. The final pushes come on June 7th when California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, and North Dakota go to the polls. The final race of the presidential primary season is the District of Columbia Democratic primary on June 14th.

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