Yesterday, February 1st, was the day we have all been waiting for. Primary season is officially off to the races with the first event of the year: the Iowa Caucus.  We have the results of the race here for you today.

Going into February 1st, everyone was looking to the polls to predict the winner in Iowa. The last poll taken in Iowa before the start of the caucus had Trump and Clinton in the lead, with a respective 25 and 45 points each. The frontrunners saw close challenges from others though, with Ted Cruz taking 23 percent and Bernie Sanders taking 42 percent. It truly seemed like anyone’s game.

As the results came in, it became increasingly clearer that the race was going to be EXTREMELY tight. Shortly after ten PM, news stations sent out a blast that Martin O’Malley was intending to end his presidential bid due to his poor showing in the first of the primary elections. That leaves only Bernie and Hillary running for the Democratic nomination. Mike Huckabee also ended his presidential run as the polls came in and he polled at under 2%.

Ted Cruz took the Republican win with 27% of the vote. For the majority of the night, Trump and Rubio were in close competition, with Trump holding a mild lead over Rubio by less than 2%. When the final results came in, Ted Cruz was at 27%, Donald Trump took 24% and Marco Rubio took 23%. The closest other candidates were Carson at 9%, Rand at 4.5% and Bush at just under 3%. This netted Cruz 8 delegates, Trump and Rubio 7, Ben Carson 3, and Rand Paul and Jeb Bush one each.


The race between Hillary and Bernie was tight for the ENTIRE night, neck and neck until the very end.  With O’Malley bowing out at less than 1% of the vote, it became an almost even race for the majority of the evening.  At 11:30PM, with 92% of precincts reporting, Clinton was ahead by half a percent and the two remaining Democratic candidates were tied with 21 delegates each.  As midnight neared, the difference shrank to a meager .2% at one point.  As of midnight, Fox News was calling the race too close to call. At one am, the NY Times had Bernie and Hillary separated by only .3%, three hours after the last of the caucuses had ended. At times the race between the two was so tight that it came down to a coin toss, as seen in Ames, Des Moines, and Davenport. Coincidentally (or maybe not) Clinton won all three of those coin tosses.


Finally, after a long night of nervous waiting, the final results came in and the winners of Iowa were Ted Cruz with 27% of the Republican vote and Hillary Clinton narrowly won with just around 50% of the Democrat vote. It was a tight race, but the Democratic Party of Iowa said that Clinton won just a few more delegates than Sanders, making her the winner (as of 6:45 am this morning). Hillary took home 23 Democrat delegates from Iowa, while Sanders secured 21.


It was an exciting day (and night) in Iowa and around the country. Bring on New Hampshire!

For a little history of the Iowa caucus, in 2008, Mike Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus for the Republicans. This year, he was polling in the single digits going into the event. In 2012, Rick Santorum narrowly beat Mitt Romney by what has been reported to be a margin of only 34 votes. In 2008, eventual GOP nominee John McCain came in fourth in Iowa, taking only 13% of the vote. The eventual Democrat nominee has won the Iowa caucus for their party for the past 5 presidential elections. However, in 1992 eventual nominee and president Bill Clinton only garnered 3% of the vote in Iowa.

Here are the results from 2008:





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