Oh hey, TGIF!  Something big happened this morning that y’all should probably be aware of it. Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has decided to resign, effective October 2015 aka next month. Why is he resigning? I’ll be honest, half of me wants to believe he committed a serious crime, got caught, and is now being blackmailed into it. (Scandal and House of Cards have corrupted me, guys. Send help.) ANYWAYS: to clear the record, that’s not true.

Boehner has been quoted, saying “This morning I woke up, said my prayers, as I always do, and thought “this is the day I am going to do this.” Many media outlets speculate that Boehner has decided to gracefully step down from his position, rather than endure a long and humiliating in-party-fight, as he has continuously been pressured by members of the Republican Party to fight for aggressive policy changes that are nearly impossible under President Obama’s administration.

Regardless of his reasoning, we here at FFL wish him the absolute best. We look forward to what’s to come for the Republican Party and we are excited to see who takes his place.