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You’ve all seen the latest news stories regarding Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s all the media seems to want to cover. If you’re in conservative social circles either in the real world or online, then you’ve probably seen so many comments about Miss Ocasio-Cortez, many about her finances.

Of all the things to criticize her for like her horrible politics and often uninformed comments, her finances are not something we should even be talking about. Let’s be real..

Who cares?

Why does anyone care how much she has in her bank account? Why does anyone care that she can’t afford a place to stay in DC until her salary kicks in? Let’s not act like we all have a ton of money in savings and act holier-than-thou. She’s young. Ocasio-Cortez lives in a very expensive part of the country and she is moving to another expensive place. We shouldn’t be making it an unspoken prerequisite that you must have a ton of money to come to Washington.

The same Republicans shouting how much they care about the poor and middle class are the sames ones criticizing a middle class woman for not having enough in savings or not being able to afford living in DC. This goes against everything Republicans champion.

Lets not pretend that as young people that saving money is extremely easy. You would be hell-bent to find someone her age who has so much in savings and ready to maintain an apartment in two of the most expensive places to live in America. With the cost of living only rising more and more and our salaries not catching up fast enough, it’s tough to sit there and point the finger.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is truly just one of us young people trying to get by; she is just doing it publicly and being shamed for it. Her finances should not be something used against her. It is certainly not something to humiliate her for.

I also think her sharing her experiences with not being able to afford to get housing and how much she has in savings is something that older generations may not truly understand right now. Maybe this needs to be what people hear and understand that young adults are suffering from a higher standard of living with wages not catching up at the right speed. And no, I’m not advocating for $15 minimum wage.

Instead of worrying about how much money she has or doesn’t have, why not focus on her policies? She is a member of the Democratic Socialists for America. It’s a concern that she somehow majored in economics at a great university, Boston University, but somehow didn’t learn that socialism doesn’t work or that it is a stepping stone to communism.

We need to be worried about the policies she wants to put forth that would cripple America. We should be worried about what kind of fire this spark will ignite. Why? Because America was built on the ideas of capitalism and many people who immigrant here are fleeing socialist countries and economies.

Let’s have conversations about her policies, not her purse.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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