In a podcast Facebook group I’m in, a fellow member asked a question about going places alone, because she felt awkward about being by herself, for fear of being judged, and also for safety reasons.

Inspired by this,  I want to share my experiences of eating at restaurants alone, going to movies alone, going to concerts alone, and even going to Walt Disney World alone!

First, I want to preface this with safety: if you are going somewhere alone, make sure it is a safe area, with other people milling around should you need help. I personally don’t conceal carry (yet!), but traveling alone would be a good reason to have a CCW. Of course, there are other key chain options like pepper spray and even tasers. However, I just go places where there is good lighting after dark and I feel comfortable walking to my car.

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While I personally don’t feel awkward about eating alone, nor do I have social anxiety about it, I can see where others come from. Eating at restaurants alone is something I had to get over quite quickly while traveling for my first job. I normally try to eat at the bar, even though I don’t drink. It makes for quick service, quick refills, and a lack of empty space from the other side of a booth. When traveling, I would be catching up on email or social media while waiting for my food. I’ve even heard of my friends putting headphones in and listening to podcasts while grabbing a quick lunch. Try working your way upward from a fast casual restaurant like a Panera to a sit-down place like a steakhouse.

Going to movies alone was something I did almost every day when MoviePass was still 1 movie per day – RIP. Honestly, I don’t go to a movie to be with a friend or talk to them, I go to see a movie. So going alone is no big issue for me. Look out for the movie theaters with the recliner seats, sneak a fast food meal under a blanket, and you’ll never shy away from the movies alone again!

Going to concerts alone is not for everyone, but something I really enjoy. Concerts are definitely my happy place, and I just love the magic that is live music. I’ve seen Ben Rector alone twice, and even went to see Dua Lipa. All of these events were at General Admissions shows, and being alone definitely lends itself to a better standing position to see your favorite artists closer! It’s hard to squeeze 2-3 people toward the front, but one is just fine.

And yes, I have been a Single Rider plenty of times at Walt Disney World! I had was Annual Passholder last year, and it made for a really great escape. Granted, I hardcore love Disney, and would choose to go with my friends when possible, but who could ever pass up a chance to ride Space Mountain or Tower of Terror? Plus being able to go through the single rider lines is always a bonus.

All in all, I’m not really lonely despite going places alone. It’s a chance to explore, to enjoy, and to experience things you may not have otherwise. So long as you are safe and aware of your surroundings, being alone can even be more fun!

Jordan O
Jordan Orris is a first year M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications graduate student at Ole Miss. She graduated from Auburn University in marketing and journalism. Originally from Henderson, Nevada, she enjoys SEC Football, reading, and politics.