It’s Friday so you know what that means! It’s time for another Conservative Women Weekly. This week, let’s break down the weekly wins of conservative women!

Susan Collins, a Republican senator from Maine, introduces bi-partisan bill, Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act

Senator Collins joined forces with Democrat senator Debbie Stabenow to introduce the Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act. This effort is a bipartisan bill that will aim to “provide funding for new community partnerships to address the high rate of maternal and infant mortality.”It’s important to note that the United States has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world. It also has one of the highest rates of infant mortality. According to Collins’ website:

The Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act would improve maternity care for women and newborns by providing funding for regional care quality partnerships. These partnerships will bring together states, health care providers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders to develop and carry out new strategies to improve maternity and infant care. The legislation would also set higher care standards in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Medicaid currently lacks adequate maternal and infant health measures that providers need to improve outcomes.

Women clerks make history by dominating Supreme Court

For the first time in United States history, there are more women clerking for the Supreme Court than men. While this is a win for women across the political spectrum, this feat was accomplished largely in part to conservative leaning Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh hiring all women for his staff. Liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently applauded Justice Kavanaugh for it.

Rep. Elise Stefanik speaks at NY GOP Convention

On Monday, July 1st, Representative Elise Stefanik headlined the New York Republican convention. Stefanik stated that she and AOC both have been the youngest women elected to Congress, but the similarities between the two end there. She even went as far to say she is the opposite of AOC and she’s proud of it. “Socialists like AOC are running the Democratic Party in this country and across New York state. And New Yorkers experience this first-hand – driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, highest taxes in the entire country,” Stefanik shared. She also talked about the need for the GOP to recruit new types of candidates including women, veterans, minorities, and young people.

Mercedes Schlapp joins the Trump 2020 campaign

This week, Mercedes Schlapp left her post at the White House as Director of Strategic Communications after serving two years. She will be joining the Trump 2020 campaign and will assist in both Latino outreach and strategy. Just last week, she helped launch Latinos for Trump coalition in Miami, Florida with Vice President Pence.

GOP women come together to celebrate Joni Ernsts’ birthday

All of us have a birthday, but it was incredibly encouraging to see so many GOP women come together to wish Senator Joni Ernst a happy birthday on social media. Birthday wishes came in from Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Shelley Capito, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and more. We stan empowered women empowering women.

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Amanda O