Image Credits: Taylor Swift – Blank Space Music Video

We’ve all turned to Taylor Swift to sing the songs of our relationship, and it is amazing how you can apply her lyrics to just about anything, including political dating. Taylor’s lyrics perfectly tell the perils of dating a Democrat.

1) When he likes the Bernie for President Facebook page:  


2) When you break up and he yells “I voted for Hillary!”:


3) When you know he’s a Democrat, but he’s really cute so you give it a chance:


4) When you get out of a relationship with a Democrat:


5) When your Democrat ex tells you he is now a Republican:


6) When your boyfriend is a Democrat and he keeps saying nonsensical liberal garbage:


7) When you meet a nice guy and see the Hillary 2016 bumper sticker on his car:


8) When he says he’s a Democrat because his parents are:


9) When you are trying to convert your Democrat boyfriend to the better side:


10) When your Democrat boyfriend is acting way too much like Hillary Clinton:


11) When you try to figure out why your boyfriend is a Democrat:


12) When your Democrat boyfriend tries to convert you (to no avail):


13) When you think your relationship is going well but he comes out as a Democrat: 


14) When you have to start dating your cat because it feels like almost every guy out there is a Democrat:

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member