As a student of history, I cherish every aspect of our country’s past. It is essential that the good, bad, and the ugly of United States history is studied and acknowledged for what it is. Many people realize that America’s track record is not by any means blemish free, but can accept those shortcomings, learn from them, and move on to a brighter and better tomorrow. Our counterparts on the left, however, choose to block out any physical or symbolic representations of American history to cater to their very sensitive souls and honor their “safe spaces”. Let’s look at a few examples, shall we?

#1: The Confederate Flag


I am sure that the lack of a trigger warning before a picture of the Confederate flag will be hard for liberals to swallow, but here is it, and the world keeps turning. The left’s banning of the Confederate flag not only exemplifies its attempt to erase history, but also the somewhat concerning extent to which it can censor just about anything if it has a strong enough desire to do so. All it took was a few lines of rhetoric from the one and only Al Sharpton and some classy photos from the Black Lives Matter groupies for the United States government as well as private companies such as Walmart and Amazon to basically strike the Confederate flag from existence. But don’t worry, while you may not be able to pick up your Confederate flag from Amazon, you can go ahead and grab a “vintage Stalin t-shirt”. I mean, he only killed about 45 million people. And why stop there? Go and order a shirt with a vibrant red swastika on it. Talk about symbols of oppression. Unbelievable.


#2 The American Flag


That’s right, the left does not just want the Confederate flag gone, it wants the flag that represents our entire country off the books. I am sure you all remember the fiasco that took place when UC Irvine students voted to ban the American flag. It does not take long to realize how ridiculous this sounds, and it gets even more crazy. According to the AP, the resolution drafted by UC Irvine’s student government says when referring to the First Amendment “freedom of speech […] can be interpreted as hate speech.” Yeah..makes no sense to me either. Although the resolution was eventually vetoed, the attempt should not go unnoticed.


#3 The Twenty Dollar Bill


Liberals love to attack the $20 bill, and it is an easy target. The face of Andrew Jackson, our 7th president, has been on the bill for about 90 years, and despite the left’s most persistent efforts, I do not see that changing anytime soon (instead, the PC police successfully got ahold of the $10 bill…do not even get me started on that one). The liberal case against Jackson does have some truth to it. He did, in fact, uproot Native Americans from their property and move them to accommodate American settlers. Yes, this a fact that cannot be changed. No, I will not justify it, but it is our history nonetheless. Andrew Jackson also did many things that go directly against conservative principles. For example, many presidential scholars conclude that Jackson vastly expanded the roles and limits of presidential authority. The difference? Conservatives do not want to pretend like it never happened and erase all signs of a significant and revolutionary United States leader.

Many think that the history of the United States is one that we should be ashamed of, one that we have to somehow “rewrite”. People will point to every inadequacy of America’s past time and time again, and everyone should fight hard against these apologists that do so. It is due to those exact historical fallacies that we are what we are today. Modern-day America is an amazingly diverse nation, with opportunity for all. I could not be more proud of the progress we have made, but we should never, ever forget where we came from.

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