Individuality is often sacrificed for the sake of mirroring how the majority thinks, feels, and acts. Our unique differences are many times ignored and replaced by the desire to fit into conventional standards. Nowadays, the variety in thought and opinion in younger generations has diminished. Those who distinguish themselves from the crowd stay silent in worry of being judged or discriminated against for the vast contrast in belief and perspective. Those who stray away from popular belief are automatically deemed “problematic” and “complicated.”

The greatest secret to finding peace within yourself when simplicity does you no justice is to embrace the aspects of yourself that are most unconventional. Begin by appreciating and respecting what sets you apart from the person next to you. Welcoming the parts of yourself that refuse to mold into the social norm is what makes you extraordinary. 

Personally, my sources of contentment and fulfillment along with my thoughts and beliefs vary by miles in comparison to those around me. I have gradually become the girl who refuses to wither herself away for the sake of fitting in. I have made the choice to not let any one or thing disrupt my sense of self. This occurred because I realized that my differences have become my greatest virtue as the years have gone by.

Anyone who is ever around me can agree that I am happiest when I express my love for all the things that make me ‘me’. I find that embracing my passions, beliefs, and admiration proudly gives me a feeling of satisfaction like no other. In fact, it allows me to stand out in the conformable group that is my generation.

Ultimately, individuality goes beyond your personal choices. It springs onto the way you carry yourself professionally. If you can bring something to the table that no one else can, consider yourself one step closer to whatever you wish to achieve.

Complexity in a human being is only complicated to those who are unwilling to appreciate the extraordinary. Allow yourself the chance to explore who you are and what you love. Surround yourself with those who aren’t afraid to do the same.