The Holidays are in full swing and you might be finding yourself in a frantic search for the perfect gift your the Republican in your life.  Whether it be your parents, grandparents, besties, sibilings, significant other, and maybe even yourself, don’t worry – this gift guide is sure to give you some unique and “right” ideas.

1. Countdown to Obama’s Last Day


No explanation needed.  Every Republican, and maybe even some Democrats, need this in their life.


2. Elephant Wire Wrapped Bangle


These bracelets are all the rage right now and a wonderful way to incorporate elephants into your daily wardrobe! The elephant comes in many different colors like Black, Seafoam, and Cherry Quartz.


3.  GOP Ice Cube Trays


Now you probably chuckled when you saw this? Ice trays, really? But, seriously… who doesn’t like ice?


4. “41: A Portrait of My Father” by George W. Bush

41This is a recently released book by George W. Bush that highlights his father and former President, George H.W. Bush. I could hear George W. Bush saying the text as I was reading it and I really admire that in a writer.


5.  GOP Cufflinks


For the professional in your life!


6.  Anything with the Lilly Pulitzer “Tusk in the Sun” print

download (2)

Republican girls have basically taken over this Lilly print, because #RepublicanGirlPerks.   It comes in iPad cases, iPhone cases, candles, Elsa top, and so much more.


7.   GOP Elephant Cookie Cutter

GOP Cookie Cutter

These are adorable.


8.  Republican Needlepoint Belt


 How handsome are these?!



9.   I Kissed A Democrat Gum 


You know, just in case.  Because who doesn’t love a funny gag gift as a stocking stuffer?


10.  FFL Merchandise


Last, but certainly not least, of course.

Amanda O