Image Credits: DW

The Left enjoys attacking the Right on many issues, but recently one of the hot topics the Left is adamant about is the violence that the Republicans are supposedly promoting. While there have been some violence and unsettling events that have occurred at Republican gatherings (to which the Right is, of course, blamed for), it tends to be liberals that are not only planning but causing the violent situations.

At recent rallies for the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, liberals have held some rather disruptive and borderline dangerous protests. While they absolutely have every right to protest and to practice their freedom of speech, they are using methods to infringe upon the rights of those attending. Did you ever notice or take the time to research about which party members are actually the cause of most violent attacks? Look at the voter registrations for most president assassins, mass shooters, and our recent protesters at GOP rallies…nearly all are liberal extremists. For a party that broadcasts its desire for tolerance and nonviolence, it certainly fails at practicing those same methods it preaches about and admonishes others for.  

Even the biased, liberal media is doing very little to point this out or defend Mr. Trump, in addition to various members of the Republican Party. The media uses the liberal protests to promote the violence occurring, and then uses it to attack the GOP front runner. The left-leaning media does exactly what they have done decades: underreport conservative success and liberal failures and over report liberal success and conservative failures. Meanwhile, numerous GOP politicians are also buying into the liberal hoopla by saying that Trump is creating the unsafe atmosphere. However, it is not the Trump supporters that are planning these vicious acts, throwing the first punches, blocking highways, or rioting; it is many liberal extremist groups that are vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that admit to planning and organizing these protests. These are the same people that constantly want others to stop noticing their gender and race while at the same time claiming they are entitled to do as they please because of those same differences. They use violence and hatred to fight against what they see as violence and hatred; that is logical and demonstrates tolerance, right?

Could Trump use better language and filter his message occasionally? Absolutely! But for as much flack as Trump gets for being “the mean one,” could you imagine how the media would react if actually was Trump supporters committing these same ignorant acts at a Bernie or Hillary rally? How quickly would a GOP candidate have to disavow these hooligans? And even if he or she did immediately, the media would never portray it in such a manner; the incidents would disappear as quickly as Hillary’s emails.

The cop-out to debating, or even disagreeing, with others is to attack them or resort to using violence rather than logic. Not only does it show the maturity level of these various supporters, but it also shows their ignorance on the the issues they believe they are standing up for. It is also extremely ironic that they are causing the intolerance, violence, and hatred that they are protesting to begin with.

Here is the deal: people have every right to protest, to support, or to not support any political candidate. They do not, however, have the right to hinder the rights of others in the process, especially by using violence or by pulling the race, gender, or “victim” cards as an excuse for inappropriate actions. If we want to be a united and truly tolerant society, we must mutually respect each other and learn to respectfully disagree with others. Actually be open-minded rather than just saying you are, and listen to someone’s argument. If you still do not agree with them, then move on; there is no call or need for attacking others.

Lastly, do not believe the media bias. Educate yourself and actually research these issues and the politicians in our country. Many media outlets tell the stories they want you to believe or put a juicy spin on issues to garner ratings, meaning the truth is often lost or unreported. Education can solve most of the world’s problems, and it is lack of education that tends to be linked to most of our societal issues. An educated mind is one that can entertain a thought without accepting it, and therefore can help people respectfully debate and disagree with others.