Let’s face it, being an advocate for life in a world saturated by the leftist media is hard. It feels like there is virtually no one out there who can offer an actual, logical reason for defending the unborn. While there are many who fight for pro-life values, it can be difficult to find a clear and concise argument for pushing back against abortion. So here it is: the simple, black-and-white thought process behind the fight for life.

First things first: I think it is safe to say that most pro-choice advocates would agree that the murder of a human life is wrong. Where pro-choicers and pro-lifers disagree is at what qualifies someone or something as a human being. Theoretically, if we can all agree on what is means to be a member of the human race, then we can all agree on where the line for murder is to be drawn.

That being said, it is our job to determine if a fetus, is, in fact, a human. Science tells us that it is. At the moment of conception, a fetus has its very own unique DNA code – a code that determines eye color, height, hair, you name it. They have their own genetic makeup and are therefore autonomous from their mothers, contrary to popular belief.

Basic science tells us that there is nothing that differentiates a child inside the womb from a child outside the womb. A popular argument that supports this idea is referred to as SLED. SLED is an acronym for size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.

Let’s start with size. The size of someone does not make them any less human than someone else. Is a short toddler less human than a six-foot man? Of course not! Likewise, a tiny baby in the womb the size of a blueberry is no less human than you or me. Size does not define personhood.

The next letter, L, stands for level of development. Ask yourself, is a four-year-old girl with a reproductive system that has not been developed any less human than a 28-year-old woman? Of course not! In the same way, an unborn child with a brain that is not as fully developed as yours or mine is no less human than we are. Level of development does not define personhood.

The next letter is E, which stands for environment. Would you say someone living on the other side of the world isn’t as fully human as you? I should hope not! Similarly, being inside the womb does not make a baby less human than someone located anywhere else. Environment does not define personhood.

Lastly, D stands for degree of dependency. In the same way that someone dependent on an oxygen tank is still human, a baby in the womb dependent on its mother is, you guessed it, still human. Degree of dependency does not define personhood.

Are you able to see what I’m getting at? There is nothing to differentiate a human in the womb from one outside the womb. The examples I gave above all sound extreme, but when we justify an abortion, aren’t we using those very excuses? Trust me, if you can point to a specific quality that makes a fetus less human than you or me, I’ll be the loudest pro-choice advocate you can find! Yet no such quality exists. The jury is out – a life (no matter the size, the level of development, the environment, or the degree of dependency) is a life.

Abortion tears a child apart limb by limb. That is the harsh, truthful reality. And according to science, there is no difference between murdering a grown adult and murdering a fetus. The Law of Biogenesis tells us that life reproduces life. Cats reproduce cats, orange trees reproduce oranges, and humans reproduce humans. So, if it’s “not really a human” that is killed during an abortion procedure, then what is it?

The bottom line is this: if the fetus is not a human, then why not kill it? Who cares? But if it is – and the science supports that it is – then we have been slaughtering innocent lives for decades. Everything else is irrelevant. Every other excuse is invalid. If it isn’t a good enough reason to murder an adult, then it isn’t a good enough reason to murder a helpless unborn baby. That’s that. For the government to say one group of people is protected from murder while the other is not is discrimination, plain and simple.

We have not only legalized abortion; we have celebrated it.

America, please wake up and recognize that ending any life based on convenience, financial state, or any other reason is wrong. It is a crime. It must be stopped. One day our nation will look back on this genocide with shame.

I am speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Will you?

Loren Rutherford is a California girl attending Missouri State University. She is passionate about politics and is pursuing a degree in political science. Her favorite things are her family, her coffee, and Jesus (in no particular order).

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