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Have you ever walked into a supermarket on the day the store was giving out free samples of a hot new product? Have you ever received a bonus free gift with a purchase at your favorite store? It’s like Christmas morning when those little surprises come our way, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff?

This idea of everything coming for “free” is what the current Democratic presidential candidates are centering their platforms on. College, healthcare, and even leave from work are all being offered free of charge! It sounds like a nice deal, right? If I vote for them, my life would easier and I would not have to work as hard because my education and well-being are taken care of.

Well, time to snap out of fantasyland. News flash: nothing is free. While it may shock some people on the Left, money doesn’t grow on trees and when free things are promised to you, they’re paid for with other people’s money. Free promises are simply an illusion to steal your freedom.

The idea of “free” stuff is nothing more than a fallacy. Someone, somewhere is paying for it. When you force raises in minimum wage or force everyone to get universal healthcare, it hurts the economy. Businesses grow when people have money to spend, and those same businesses must be doing well in order to support their employees to offset wage increases. If people have less to spend, businesses suffer and jobs are cut. If businesses are forced to increase minimum wage, they do not receive surplus funding to make up for it, and therefore jobs and expenses are cut to make up the difference.

By the way, free college with no holds barred? Colleges are businesses and they need money, and if they are not getting it from tuition, they will get it elsewhere. Your students fees will exponentially increase, you’ll be required to live in the astronomically-priced student housing, and do not forget about the already expensive textbooks that will skyrocket, as well. We must stop this flawed thinking and false advertising that the government will take care of you, and especially that these “free” promises will help you. Free tuition will make it more expensive for college, pa
id three months leave from work will only deter employers from hiring young women who want families, and free healthcare only increases expenses for everyone forced to have it. This then results in taking more out of pocket and creating more debt for the average American citizen. Side note:
how many of you demanding free college truly valued and work hard during your “free” high school education? Will making college “free” increase the value or work ethic students have toward it?

The national debt just hit $19 trillion, and paying for all this “free” stuff will leave it with an additional $18 trillion. So how do we pay for that? We don’t have money trees and all of these free things do not appear out of thin air. Oh, that’s right, taxes

Like Reagan believed, a hand-up is different than a handout. Handing out “free” stuff is not and never will be the answer to growing the economy. This is the socialist way of controlling people because they are forced to rely on the government. I do not want to be deprived of my success and the money that I earn because so many ignorant citizens want to feel the Bern.  

Government control means little to no efficiency, and no choice. That means our “free” country is no longer free. You will not have any options, because the government has no competition; you will have a rationed amount of a no-quality, lackluster product and zero satisfaction guaranteed for that product because the government does not care about the consumer. Do you honestly want the world run like the DMV or the VA? If it makes you feel better to hear the word “free,” go to Sam’s Club and have free samples once a week to fill the void. The government can barely support itself, so why do leftists continually believe that the government can support them, too? How can people really believe that the government can make better decisions, spend your money, and take care of you better than you can?  Why are people so willing to give up their freedom? That should be the only free thing we care about.Untitled2

I would absolutely love a society that I could be given all sorts of free money and insurances and benefits, but that will never be a reality. The whole idea America is based on is that you can work toward your dreams, and have equal opportunity in this nation to succeed. Equal opportunity means you still have to work and earn your success; it has never meant that when someone else is doing well, you must complain and demand that person to pay his or her “fair share” to you. Stop waiting for the government to take care of you, because it will promise you everything it can, and leave you in a state of utter dependence.

Reagan intelligently campaigned, “The government is not the solution to your problems, the government is the problem.” Stop believing you can depend on the people who will actually end up depriving you. Reagan also once said, “Man isn’t free unless government is limited.” Freedom is not free. While many of our courageous soldiers defend and fight for your freedoms overseas, do your part as an American citizen and fight for yours at home by not voting for big government.

Haley B
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Haley is a fearless 20-something educator. Though she has lived in both Nebraska and Florida, her true home is in the arms of her husband, Joel. Haley is an avid coffee consumer, a fitness fanatic, a WWE enthusiast, a wanderluster, a fashionista, and a whole lot of sass.

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