It looks like the Democrats will be hanging on to a familiar face, one we all know well. Hillary Clinton has experienced more than her fair share of time in the political spotlight. She spent eight years as First Lady, eight years as a Senator, time running in one (failed) primary race, and four years as Secretary of State. Even with decades of experience, Clinton continues to prove again and again that she is unspeakably corrupt. In fact, there are so many scandals with her name on them that it’s hard for anyone to keep up. It would take days to explain them all so here are the top five.

1. Benghazi

This was probably the most infuriating scandal of them all. It wasn’t about money, or power, but rather the disregard for American lives in favor of a false narrative that Al-Qaeda was retreating. On September 11, 2012, the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked and our ambassador, as well as three other Americans, were killed. In the months before this attack, Ambassador Stevens’ request for an increase in security at the embassy was denied, despite knowledge of terrorist activities in the surrounding area.  Air support was also requested but never received.

At that time, our dear Secretary of State, instead of mourning the loss of a patriot and seeking true justice, took to handling damage control. Hillary and Susan Rice spent days covering up the truth by saying this was a spontaneous attack in retaliation to a YouTube video. Due to the recent release of Hillary’s emails (that’s a whole different scandal, sigh), we have evidence that she was informed early on that the incident was indeed a premeditated terrorist attack and yet, she continued to lie to the American people. Not only is this insulting to the lives of Americans it also goes against every single word of her job description. Of course, why should Hillary have to follow the rules when she had Obama’s re-election to think about? If this isn’t a true revelation of her priorities, I don’t know what is.

2. Travelgate

Travelgate is a scandal that showcases Hillary’s tendency to abuse any and all power she is given. In 1993, soon after her husband was elected, Hillary had seven employees in the White House Travel office fired. Hillary then had those employees replaced with individuals closely tied to the Clinton family. The men and women who lost their jobs were lifelong employees, in good standing with their superiors. They were fired based on allegations of “financial improprieties” which were never validated, despite extensive FBI investigations. It was later revealed that Hillary had made false statements when questioned by investigators.

Mrs. Clinton went out of her way to ruin the careers of honest, hardworking Americans, to reward close friends and most likely foundation donors. In what world is this considered an acceptable way to treat employees? Not in ours, Madam Secretary.

3. Whitewater

This scandal arguably encapsulates every single aspect of the Clinton’s’ pattern of sleazy cronyism and corruption. It references a shady real estate deal between the Clinton’s and their friends, the McDougal’s. James McDougal owned a small bank called Madison Guaranty which was represented by the Rose Law Firm where Hillary worked as a lawyer. Madison Guaranty eventually went under due to fraudulent loans, including a federally funded $300,000 loan issued by a judge who later admitted that he was pressured by the Clintons. During the investigation of the Clintons’ involvement in the illegal activities, Vince Foster mysteriously committed suicide. Foster was a Rose Law Firm lawyer and key witness connected to Hillary. When Rose Law Firm’s billing records were subpoenaed for evidence in the investigation, they were reported as missing. And to top it all off, those same billing records mysteriously appeared in the White House residence years later. The Clinton’s managed to avoid criminal charges, despite the fate of their business partners the McDougal’s. James died in jail on charges of fraud but Clinton made sure to pardon Susan during his last few days as president. This whole scandal is full of questions that may never be answered but one thing seems clear, there’s no way the Clinton’s were completely uninvolved and oblivious like they claimed.

4. Questionable Donations

Here we have not one, but countless scandals that highlight the incredible greed of the Clintons. Since 2013, the Clinton Foundation has accepted money from Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, to name a few countries. While Clinton was Secretary of State, the Foundation accepted $500,000 from Algeria. Of course, that was disregarding the restrictions imposed, at the request of the Obama administration, which regulated the Foundation from accepting donations from foreign countries. While the Clinton Foundation is technically philanthropic, it still raises questions as to whether or not these donors received favor from Hillary during her time as Secretary of State. Furthermore, it forces voters to wonder if the foreign countries who have made large donations will be the benefactors of a quid pro quo if Hillary is elected president.

In addition, the Clinton’s invited DNC donor and well known drug lord, Jorge Cabrera, to the White House, without a security detail, during Clinton’s presidency. Even more recently, there are stories of Hillary receiving donations from Uranium One investors, while the executive branch was specifically deliberating on the US uranium mines. Oh, and does anyone remember the scandal “Chinagate” which involved the Democratic National Committee accepting illegal donations from China, through money launderers such as Charlie Trie, during Clinton’s re-election? It all just proves that the Clinton’s will go to any lengths for money, which inevitably makes her notorious comment about being “dead broke”, that much more hysterical.

The absolute outrage is not only in the possibility of foreign influence on our government, but also in Hillary’s contradicting views. Hillary has deemed herself a warrior for women’s rights and even went as far as to concoct a completely false war on women movement, calling out the conservatives in their views on women’s rights. That being said, Hillary is accepting money from countries that treat women as second class citizens. In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t even allowed to have a driver’s license. In many of the countries listed above as donors, women are not allowed to choose who they marry and they certainly can’t go anywhere without their male chaperon. THAT is a real war on women, and it’s one that Hillary is condoning by accepting donations from countries who promote such sexism and abuse.

5. Email Scandal

The email scandal is the most recent of Hillary’s blunders and it’s a big one. Hillary, who is quoted saying “I think I’m probably the most transparent person in public life,” blatantly ignored email protocol. Rather than using a work email account separate from her personal email, like millions of working Americans do every day, Hillary opted to use her personal email account to correspond with her colleagues about State matters. As if that weren’t bad enough, Hillary also specifically used a private email server that could only be accessed within her home. So, not only were her emails unmonitored by the government, they also couldn’t be accessed without her directly handing them over. Hillary has since turned over emails in response to a subpoena from the Benghazi committee. What is so curious about that situation is that it gives Hillary the freedom to choose which emails she turns over, and which she deems “personal”. She has certainly taken advantage of this situation as there are significant time gaps (literally months) in which she didn’t turn over any emails for. One of those time gaps was during a trip to Libya right after the Benghazi attack. Surely Hillary contacted people on business during that trip, however she wasn’t willing to make those emails public. It raises an uncertainty because this is a huge opportunity for a massive cover-up. To make matters worse, we recently found out that some of the information Hillary received through that unsecured email account has been deemed classified.

When Hillary was asked about her reason for refusing to comply with standard email protocol, she claimed it was merely for “convenience” and that she didn’t want to manage more than one device. Now, Hillary will be forced to backtrack as recent reports have revealed that, despite what Hillary and her lawyer have been telling everyone, Hillary actually does manage three personal email accounts – which I’m sure is anything but convenient. Her lawyer originally stated that she only used one email address for business. That statement will have to be retracted due to the investigation recovering business emails sent from a second email account. It’ll be interesting to hear the excuse Hillary has to get her out of this apparent lie. Quite honestly, this scandal leaves Hillary looking not only incompetent, but also like the least transparent person in public life. How can America trust Hillary to run our incredible country when she has issues managing two devices at once?

This only skims the surface of the litany of outrageous scandals the Clinton’s have been tangled up in. If you ask Hillary, she’ll tell you it’s all a right-wing conspiracy against her and that she’s an innocent victim. Honestly, it’s her true corruption shining through. With the primary season just getting started, there are bound to be more scandals to come, despite Hillary’s obvious effort to stay out of the media recently. Apparently not even Hillary trusts herself with public speaking at this point, which is ironic considering how “transparent” she claims to be.

Lauren N
Lauren is one of our managing editors here at Future Female Leaders. When she is not editing FFL articles, you can find her color coding her whole life in her Lilly Pulitzer agenda. She's a southern girl who loves Hokie football and isn't afraid to be politically incorrect, so consider this your trigger warning.

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