Image Credits: CNN

There’s a special place in hell for women that don’t help each other.” This was stated by Madeleine Albright at a recent Hillary Clinton rally, attempting to lure other women to vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.

Ladies, if you truly want to “help other women,” my suggestions to you are as follows: get educated, understand that capitalism will do and does do more for women than these demeaning organizations that make women a “victim,” and, most importantly, do not vote for Hillary Clinton. The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is that it demands social justice, yet also desires special treatment for each and every “victim” group. What these same groups don’t realize is that they are the ones constantly pointing out each other’s differences and implanting the idea that women are inferior or weak.

First, understand that women are not victims; in fact, women are more successful and have more opportunity now than they ever have. More women hold leadership positions within school districts, corporations, and politics today than ever before. No matter what race, gender, or ethnicity, individuals are only victims if they make themselves one. The world is not always an easy place, so those who point fingers and blame everyone else for their struggles never solve any problems (as much as the Democrats try to convince people that that is the case). Democrats love to create social issues and movements for people so that they can own, control and demean people from working or voting against them. Everyone faces adversity, discrimination, and bullying in their lives, so please stop saying it is because of one’s gender, race, ethnicity that he or she is a victim. In fact, when you pull the victim card, you’re the one bullying others by demanding and rioting to get what you want. Besides, it is neither seen as strong nor ladylike to whine about your struggles as means of getting people to sympathize and promote you. If anything, that would just contribute to the negative stereotypes of women and put us further behind.

Ladies, if you want to truly help yourselves and other women, stop falling “victim” to these traps and start standing up for yourselves. Get educated, stand by your own intellect and morals, and make decisions on the true issues. After all, do you want a job in America where you can actually provide for yourselves and your families? Or do you want to picket at socialist rallies and complain about what you don’t have. If people in general spent more time working toward something rather than complaining about it, they’d either: 1) have it already, 2) be a heck of a lot closer to achieving their goal, or 3) have whatever problem solved or closer to solved. When we complain about issues rather than use our time to be productively solving them, we are simply creating more issues than we started with. Instead of constantly pointing out what is wrong or exaggerating our conditions, we should be working to overcome them.

Growing up, I did not have a lot of support financially, or emotionally. Throughout my endeavors, I never used any personal, family, or life issues as an excuse for anything. I was the type of person that chose to work hard to hide my problems and did my best to never let them get in my way. Whatever personal drama was going on in my life was always my motivation to work harder than anybody. By working tirelessly, I could conceal my issues and was never looked down upon as weak or inferior, which so many women seem to be so comfortable with glorifying these days. If you want to be seen as an “equal,” then you need to work, talk, and portray yourself as such. Why am I successful when I’ve had every possible strike against me?  Because I always worked harder than everyone else, I chose to rise above any adversity or obstacle that had entered my life, and I never once let the idea that “I’m a woman” cross my mind as being a weakness or an excuse as to why I was entitled to something. Choose to have a mentality that if someone ever says “you cannot do this,” reply “watch me” and work to prove that you can.

Eleanor Roosevelt is famous for her quip, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” That is the idea of the conservative, American way. When you allow yourself to be a victim, then you become complacent and you are easily emotionally manipulated by this recent hypocritical “feminist” movement. If liberals would stop pointing out that “we are women, we want to be treated as equals…blah blah blah,” they would stop creating the barrier they fight against. Have there been people have either given me breaks or not given me chances because I’m a woman? Sure, however have I sassed, worked, and classed my way to what I want without ever giving into women stereotypes and therefore actually earned what I wanted in life.

I’ve never cried to get out of something, I’ve never used my “monthly visitor” as an excuse for my mood, and I’ve never slept with anyone to get ahead. Believe it or not, I am a person of morals, I am a person of integrity, and most of all I am a proud American. I have my opportunity to work for what I want, I have my opportunity to be educated and express my beliefs, and I have my opportunity to do and be whatever I choose to be in this country. If people would stop pointing out their differences that they so belligerently fight against, they would be forgotten about…or at least less reminded about. Men have strikes against them just as women may have strikes against them, but that does not mean men need to start picketing for the “Boys Club” or start marching for the “Masculine Movement.” Stop being a whiny little girl, put on your big girl panties, and prove yourself to be an equal. The more you whine and complain about what you aren’t, the less people will see you as an equal and the more you hinder the image of women. Work so hard they can’t ignore you, have some confidence and pride in you are, and use the fact that you are a women as a badge of honor that nothing and no one can stop you.

Besides, if there truly is “a special place in hell for women that do not help other women,” Hillary Clinton is first in line for that hot seat.