Every conservative down in the U S of A likes Christmas a lot…

But unfortunately for us, liberals DO NOT!

The liberals hate Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

Please ask why, I have four solid reasons!

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The first is so obvious, don’t you see?

Putting the Christ back in Christmas is just not their scene.

They, like us, are religions from all over;

but something about a Merry CHRISTmas just can’t win them over!

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The second makes sense, and it’s hard to ignore

Political correctness has always been at its core.

“Merry Christmas” When you see a friend? Not anymore.

Say “Happy Holidays,” now, even though it’s a bore.


And then the liberals grabbed all the trees “Why my sweet GOPs, you should know that these simply aren’t free.”


 They even took our energy efficient light bulbs,

Leaving our Christmas ever so dull.

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The last, well, is the hardest of them all.

A Norman Rockwell painting to warm the hearts of us all.


They hate tradition and are afraid of competition.

Bake an apple pie you say? Women’s suffrage, might as well throw that away!


And then the liberals paused for just a moment

standing there: “How could it be so?”

“They’re all pro-life, they love the NRA,

some even like Donald Trump, by the way!”

They puzzled three hours till the puzzler was sore.

Then they thought of something they hadn’t before!

“Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

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And what happened then…

Well in the U S of A

They say that bipartisanship grew three sizes that day!

Well maybe not…but we still hold on to hope.

Maybe someday the liberals will try to make amends,

For what better time than Christmas to come together as friends!

Victoria F
FFL Contributor
Victoria is a North Eastern girl with a southern heart, style, morals and the hair to match it. She loves movies with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, pre-ordering her drinks at Starbucks, and obviously America the beautiful.

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