I’m very type-A, have anxiety about anything related to time, and am horrible about delegating. When I got engaged, I bet everyone around me was thinking “well, here comes the bridezilla,” but I’m sure know they’re shocked at how calm and not stressed I’ve been. Here are the tips and tricks to planning your wedding without becoming a total nightmare to everyone around you.

Give yourself enough time to plan 

I got engaged last November and I’m getting married this December. That is 13 months to plan a wedding. I haven’t had to feel rushed or stressed. I always knew I wanted about a year-long engagement because I knew the stress behind throwing a wedding together. In fact, I have found that because I have so much time, I have been to get things done one thing at a time instead of juggling a ton of tasks.

Don’t compare weddings.

Do what you want to do. Pick the venue you want. Pick the color you want. Don’t look at someone else’s wedding and compare it to yours. Don’t feel like you need to do something because it’s the trend. It’s your day, remember that.

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Prepare for the worst

Prepare for things to change and for something to go wrong. Let other people handle the problems on the wedding day. Remember that it’s okay for something little to go wrong. The things you, the bride, are worried about are things the guests will never notice unless you point it out.

Use your wedding party as your crutch

Need to vent? Turn to the group chat. Need something done? Turn to the group chat. Need someone to play buffer between you and a guest you really don’t care to have at the wedding, but they’re family? Turn to the group chat. These women are standing with you on your wedding day because they are your ride or dies. Use them for support. Make sure to take your time to show them your appreciation. They spent a lot of time and money to make sure you have the perfect day!

Include your partner

Put them to work! I am enough of a control freak that my fiance isn’t to mess with scheduling or appointments, but he has done a lot of the grunt work like getting at the venue to schedule it a year in advance at 6:30 am on a cold winter day so he could be first in line to ensure getting the time I wanted. Thanks, Lucas!

Listen to the people who are trying to help you

I can be very picky with food. After going to the food tasting with my family, they all liked one thing that I didn’t particularly care for, but if they liked it, I knew others would. Because of that, it made the menu. There are also particular details of wedding planning that I don’t care about, but I let people close to me decide what they think will be best.

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It’s very easy to forget that your wedding is about you and enjoying the celebration of your lifelong commitment to your partner. Take your time and feel the love!

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