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Always remember to stick to what you value most. Being surrounded by opposing views can be extremely tricky and staying true to what you believe in is imperative.



Remember that you are always right in a left wing environment. Society is becoming more and more liberal nowadays and us conservatives have to remember to keep our heads and standards high!



Never forget that even if you feel like the elephant in the room, there are many people among you that share the same ideas economically and/or socially… even if they don’t make their voice heard. You are not alone, despite how it may seem like the workplace, universities, and media are all being taken over by the liberal bias. Be bold and tough like the elephant you are.



A specific point I would like to touch on would be universities. Due to the increasing number of young voters voting democrat, it is only expected that the majority of colleges would stray liberal. The extremity of the liberal bias within the education system is not just noticeable, it is impossible to ignore. For young Republicans especially, we know your struggle in and out of the classroom with blatantly biased professors, judgmental peers, and an overwhelming feeling of being rejected due to the conservative views.



Don’t ever let anyone of the opposing party influence your brilliance, strength, or determination because the Republican Party needs you! Empower those around you.