Image Credits: MN Private Colleges

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that being a conservative in college is no easy task. On every liberal campus across our great nation, conservative students are being belittled and harassed by the Left. I say this not to scare you, but to prepare you.  If you take my advice, and listen to your conservative heart, you will be able to stick to your beliefs and stay conservative in college, even when everyone is trying to pull you to the dark side.

1) Find other conservatives. Some of you will be lucky enough to go to colleges where being a liberal would be rare, but not many of us will ever be that lucky.  Whether you go to Liberty University or Yale University, find other conservatives.  The quickest way to lose your mind is to be the only one in the room. Look for groups that are devoted to speaking out in favor of life, in favor of the free market, and in favor of freedom. If you hear liberal student groups trash-talking a group for being “crazy” and “radical”, that’s probably the group you want to head towards.  For me, finding a conservative group was absolutely essential to not losing my mind. Yes, having a good debate is healthy for you and helps strengthen you in your beliefs. However, finding a group, even a single person, who understands you and thinks like you do is soothing to the soul.

2) Slightly contradictory to my first one, but hear me out. Do not spend all your time in the conservative bubble. I know it’s safer here, I really do, but avoiding the other side does not help us, or you, in the long run. In no way am I encouraging you to secretly infiltrate the Party of the Left and smoke out their weaknesses, but spending some time learning the arguments of the other side so that you can more effectively combat them is beneficial to both you and them. Not only will it strengthen you in your beliefs and help you formulate arguments against the left, but your presence, and your healthy debate with them, may even save a soul or two from the dark side.   Your voice may be the only conservative one they ever hear, so you need to not shy away from discussing your beliefs with someone you might think is a lost cause. You never know who needs to hear the voice of reason, so do not shelter yourself in the bubble of conservatism. Yes, having conservative friends is crucial, but they are already conservative. The only way to grow the conservative movement is to talk to people who don’t identify that way, and show them that conservatism is what is best for our country.

3) Read a lot. Read conservative books, non-political books and anything you can get your hand on. Books will expose you to a world you may never have known, and are often full of their own pearls of wisdom. For me, when I do not feel so well-versed in a topic, I pick up a conservative book on the issue. There are conservative books on just about any topic, whether it be immigration, gun control, abortion, feminism, or economics.  With the crazy left-leaning media, you cannot trust what you are getting from the news. I urge you to pick up a conservative book on an issue you are not comfortable arguing yet, and use that as an opportunity to read another person’s opinions and beliefs and form your own, whether they be similar or different.

4) Be a Laura Bush in a world of Kim Kardashians.  I know what’s going on out there. I’ve seen reality TV, and I beg you, stay classy.  My golden rule of social media is to never post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to display on her mantle.  Respect is something that must be earned, and you don’t earn respect unless you respect yourself. Maybe you are envious of Kim Kardashian’s wealth, or her ability to do and wear whatever she wants, but think of how she got there. Do you want to remembered for being an asset to the world? Kim Kardashian may be exorbitantly wealthy but remember; there are some things money just cannot buy:  like manners, morals, and intelligence.

It’s hard out there for a conservative. You’ll be called every name in the book because of your beliefs, but you have to stay strong. Do not cave in and abandon what you stand for just because people call you nasty names. Do not be afraid to share your political thoughts and commentary because it might make someone unfollow you.  You, the young conservatives of today, are the future. We cannot grow as a movement unless our base is solid.  Being a conservative in today’s world is an uphill battle. Let this inspire you instead of tire you.  Make your voice even louder and even prouder. It’s okay to be pro-life, it’s okay to love the free market, and it’s okay to be a conservative. Being a conservative is one of the hardest things to be in this society we are living in.  I promise you it is one of the most rewarding.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member