To say I miss 45 is the understatement of the 2021. How could I not miss Melania’s glamour, 45’s surprising charm and the MSM practically foaming at the mouth daily? But one of the top five things I miss the most is Kayleigh McEnany. From the moment WH Press Secretary McEnany took the Press Corps in hand and gave them a homework assignment of actual journalism over a weekend, I knew I would be obsessed. Here was everything we wanted, right? A young woman, a new mother, a wife, stepping into a prestigious position that she earned. You would have thought everyone would have taken a minute and applauded her accomplishment. Only that’s not what happened.

In true MSM, leftist fashion, McEnany was immediately set upon and treated like absolute garbage. Vanity Fair dragged her for how she dressed, despite the fact that she constantly looked amazing and they are, in part, a fashion magazine.  CNN made fun of her glorious binder, which was an absolute work of organizational art that I deeply appreciated. Brian Karem was a general menace, shouting questions at her like he was a paparazzi following her down the street. To say that 45 and the press had a dramatic relationship is the least of it. Being Trump’s press secretary was not a job for a weakling. Kayleigh absolutely delivered, keeping her cool and proving that she was not going to be walked all over.

Personally I was impressed by Kayleigh. She’s beautiful. She more than held her own against hostile reporters. Her Instagram, complete with pictures of her husband and adorable daughter, is a delight. The hypocrisy of the MSM has never been made more apparent than in the last 4 years and McEnany repeatedly pointed this out. She came through with receipts right to their faces. I loved it.

I am far less impressed with Jen “Circle Back” Pskai but apparently I, and others, are living rent free in her head so that’s a plus. After watching how the media behaves and how reporters spoke to McEnany and the questions they asked her, watching the White House daily press briefings with Pskai grosses me out. They are fawning over her and she in turn is spoon feeding them things like President Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream. Unbelievable. I am not fooled for a second by all the “uNiTy” talk. Plus, Psaki’s problematic tweets are an excellent reminder of who she is, who she works for and what she thinks about the other side.

So I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers as I continue to moron the loss of Kayleigh McEnany. Also please enjoy this FFL article from last year detailing some of McEnany’s greatest hits. And Kayleigh, if you’re reading this, we miss you.

Hannah Brokaw lives in a red state and votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter  where she has a lot of thoughts.

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