The cornerstone of United States government is the ability for everyone’s voice to be heard. Our government is one that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. This freedom to cast individual opinions has been at the heart of American politics for years, and has proved to be crucial to our development. So why, over time, have certain demographic groups been brainwashed to follow a certain path? At what point did we stray from individual opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, only to swim with the rest of the crowd? Simple answer: When the left started its aggressive campaign to trap people in the sticky web of identity politics.

Identity politics is a serious and aggressive tactic by the left. And guess what? it’s working. Oh, you’re a young women and want to be a conservative? Nope, sorry. You’re African-American? Oh no way. You’re Latino, Asian, or any other minority? Ha, good try, you could never be one of those conservatives!”


The sad part is, this train of thought is falsely resonating within our society. Many feel that if they are not an “old, rich, white man”, as the left has so carefully designed all Republicans to be, they must be a Democrat. People make one decision based on their identity, which eventually snowballs to their unchecked, blind commitment to every other liberal talking point and policy. The left has society so deceived, that individual thought has been virtually eliminated, leaving one to be sucked into a specific ideology without consent.


It is important that those of us within the conservative movement are brave enough to fight and break these stereotypes. Young conservatives, women conservatives, black conservatives, and so on and so forth, must unite and demonstrate that the left does not have a monopoly on every minority. If people do not fit into a specific race, gender, or religion, it does not imply that they should ostracize themselves from their core beliefs and ideology.

Overall, we are at a crucial time in our nation where competence is being replaced by conformity. I sincerely hope that everyone reading this piece will think freely, without bound from delusional stereotypes championed by the left. Just know that, no matter the color of your skin, the place you worship, or the economic situation you find yourself in, you can (and are welcomed to) find your niche within the conservative platform.  We’re the party that everyone is invited to.