Conservatives are always on the forefront of activism, working towards bettering the country without sending it into a hellhole of socialism as some people would like (I’m looking at you, Bernie Sanders).



What better way to describe a conservative mind? Being brilliant is not just about knowing how to better our country, but also understanding how our government works.


You won’t see conservatives out there parading around with our goods hanging out. Conservatives, especially conservative women, know how to make their point, make a statement, and still be the epitome of class.

D-Doesn’t vote blindly

You’ll never find a conservative voting for someone just because of their gender or their race or anything else superficial. Conservatives vote with their mind, and you have to earn our vote with actual ideas and action, not just your gender or ethnicity.

E-Equality for all, not special treatment for some

Conservatives support everyone being treated equally, but that doesn’t mean we want anyone, including ourselves, to receive special treatment. Our country was built on equality, not superiority.



There is nothing more prized by conservatives than Freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, you name it. We’re tired of the government infringing on our freedoms and we can’t wait for Big Government to get out of our lives.


Among other things we honor and uphold is the 2nd Amendment. There is a reason the Founding Father’s included the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution, and we are not going to let anyone infringe on our right to bear arms.

H-Homeland Pride

Conservatives love their homeland, this great country we call the United States of America. We have so much pride in our homeland that we refuse to let someone lead it into ruin.

I-Independence from the Government

Reliance on the government is not something conservatives support. Instead, we support and advocate self-reliance and independence from the government



Being conservative just makes you a happier person. It’s amazing how jovial you can be when you aren’t worrying about so-called “oppression” and the “War on” whatever demographic the Democrats have chosen that week.

K-Knowledge of political issues

Conservatives want to be, and strive to be, informed on the issues around them. Conservatives strive to be informed, because the only one that benefits when you’re uninformed is the idiot you are voting for.

L-Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

These founding principles that helped define our country are a crucial part of being a conservative. The government cannot deprive us of those rights, and it seems that conservatives are the only ones these days who are willing to stand up and defend this rights.


Conservatives pride themselves on having morals, and you can’t hold it against them. As my favorite FFL shirt says, there are some things money cannot buy: manners. MORALS, and intelligence

N-No deal with Iran

Conservatives want our country to be great, and we want to protect our allies, we know that a deal with Iran is detrimental to our safety and the safety of our ally, Israel. Conservatives oppose a deal with Iran because Iran getting the bomb is not an option.



Conservatives are always willing to debate the issues with you, and won’t shut you down just because you have different views than their own.


Being pro-life is a fundamental part of being a conservative. If you can’t respect life at the earliest stage, how could you respect any other life?

Q-Questions the media

Conservatives aren’t going to take everything that the media is trying to shove down the throats of American citizens. Conservatives are willing to question the media’s reports and make sure we are getting all sides of the story.

R-Ronald Reagan

What better man to represent the conservative ideals than Ronald Reagan, a proud advocate for conservative values and great president?


S-Small Government

Conservatives don’t want the government in every aspect of their lives. They have no interest in letting the government fund their lifestyle, dictate their religion or speech, or control more of their life than their parents ever did.


The GOP has been around for a long time. As in,since 1854. The GOP was founded by anti-slavery activists, and we have been actively promoting freedom ever since! Times may change, but conservatism isn’t going anywhere.

U-Upholds the Constitution

The back-bone of the conservative movement is the Constitution, and we are proud to defend it and its original intent until the very end.

V- Votes in Every Election

Good conservatives know that one of the best ways to have your voice heard, and contribute to politics, is to pay attention to the candidates, evaluate them, and cast our vote in every election. Midterms, local, presidential they are all important, and it is our duty to vote in them.

W- Wants Our Country to Be Great

Conservatives want what is best for our country. We want our country to continue to be the best country in the world, the freest, and the most democratic. We want a country that is great, not a country that is rapidly slipping downhill.

X- Xenodochial

Here’s a new word for your vocabulary. Conservatives are known to be hospitable. We aren’t going to cast you from our home just because you made the mistake of voting for Obama in 2008. We won’t ask you to leave our home just because you don’t agree with our ideology (I’m looking at you, radical feminists)

Y- Youthful!

The GOP isn’t just a bunch of old white men, and FFL is an example of that! You’ll find that the youngest members of the GOP are often the most outspoken and active, and we are the future of the conservative movement!

Z- Zero tolerance for radical feminists

The first person to shut down the illogical ramblings of a radical feminist will be a conservative, particularly a conservative woman. Whether it’s hijacking trending Twitter hashtags, publishing love notes to the “patriarchy” or simply calling out the flaws in their logic, conservative have zero tolerance for these radical feminists.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member