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On June 6th 2016, the last known 9/11 living search and rescue dog, Bretagne, was laid to rest. September 11th 2001, the world stood still. While people fled from the area surrounding Ground Zero trying to leave New York City First Responders ran to it. Among those men and women who went to help any possible survivors were search and rescue dogs who went along with their handlers. A golden retriever named Bretagne, just two years old at the time, when she was deployed to Ground Zero with handler, friend, and mom Denise Corliss. Bretagne had recently finished her training with Urban Search and Rescue Texas Task Force 1 at this time, and was ready to start right away.

In 2009, Bretagne retired from Texas Task Force 1 and went on to be a goodwill ambassador. After her retirement she continued to visit first grade classrooms every week while listening them learn how to read. Since 9/11 Bretagne visited the new memorial at Ground Zero for the first time with Corliss in 2014. Corliss has previously stated that the memory of arriving at Ground Zero is just as vivid to this day as it was on September 11th.  She also said that when they were adjacent to the scene waiting to be put to work many first responders would stop to pet Bretagne. Her owner then realized Bretagne developed this unexpected role of a therapy dog to people who just needed a break for a moment in all the chaos.

Last year to celebrate her 16th Birthday 1 Hotel Central Park invited her to New York City for Bretagne’s Best Day Ever. Yesterday, June 6, 2016 in Cypress Texas, with sidewalks lined by Firefighters while Search and Rescue, Bretagne was picked up out of the car and set on the ground, taking her final walk inside the animal hospital. From all the victims families and friend of 9/11, as well as all American citizens, thank you Bretagne for all of your service these past 16 years.

Donations can be made in honor of Bretagne to the Texas Task Force 1 K-9 here.

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