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Never before has a former second son been in the news so much with so little truly explored. If you’ve been attuned to the impeachment inquiry at all, you’ve heard the name Hunter Biden. He is the son of Joe Biden. No, he is not the son that tragically died of brain cancer. This son is…a curious dude. While there’s been a lot of discussion about who Hunter Biden is in relation to Ukraine, few people have really explored the other unsavory aspects of this Biden that may influence how they feel about candidate Biden and the impeachment inquiry. 

First, let’s cover the Ukraine stuff.

Hunter Biden served on the board for an oil company based in Ukraine called Burisma in 2014. Yes, that was while his father was still Vice President of the United States. The company even said he would be in charge of their “legal unit” and “provide support for the company among international organizations” in a press release that never once mentions who his father is. Biden, of course, disputed he was in charge of their legal unit. Supposedly, Biden was making up to $50K a month for his work with Burisma. Criticism of this didn’t just appear newborn during the Trump era. At the time, there were ethics watchdogs who said this could pose a problem for Biden. Keep in mind, this was all going on right after Russia had annexed Crimea and caused a real dust up over that. 

This quote, from one of them, puts very succinctly what the potential problem is. 

“The primary problem here is the fact that Hunter Biden has set up a financial arrangement with someone who might have business pending before this administration”Craig Holman of Public Citizen.

Now, on a broader scale, Ukraine has dealt with a lot of allegations of corruption in recent years. Can you understand why the son of a vice president of one nation taking a cushy gig in a country that receives a lot of U.S. aid might be questioned? The “Corruption Index” ranks Ukraine 120th out of 180 countries. The U.S., for the record, ranks 22nd. 

So that’s Biden’s role in Ukraine. While he has never been accused of any wrongdoing there, most people point to it as an obvious conflict of interest that wouldn’t be overlooked if say, Trump’s kids were doing it. 

Now, speaking of kids, let’s talk about Hunter Biden’s personal life.

I won’t drag his children into this, but know that he has them with his now ex-wife, Kathleen. Their divorce battle was just that, a battle. The two were married for 24 years, but divorced in 2017. Kathleen said that Hunter spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes and drugs, leaving the family nearly destitute. Biden admits to struggling with addiction. The couple separated in 2015. 

Then, another shoe dropped. Hunter was not only divorcing his wife under this shadow of scandal, but he was also dating his dead brother’s widow. Yes. You read that right. Beau and Hallie had been married for 13 years. They had 2 children together, including one that shared a name with the aforementioned brother. Then, after her husband’s tragic death from brain cancer ,Hunter Biden began dating his brother’s widow. And Joe Biden? He supported that. 

A spokesperson for the family said, “They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support, and we are happy for them” when asked about Hunter and Hallie’s relationship. The pair eventually called it quits though. A Washington Post article recounting their breakup was published in May 2019 and said the couple had been together for two years. 

And then, when you thought we were all out of shoes, one falls from the sky right in the middle of the impeachment inquiry. Hunter Biden, according to court documents, fathered a child with an Arkansas woman who gave birth in August 2018. What was going on in 2018? Oh yes, he was purportedly dating his brother’s widow. The lawsuit filed by the woman is about seeking both unpaid child support and getting protection for the child since his grandfather is running to be the next president of the United States. 

Let’s not forget that Hunter Biden is now married to a woman who he says he knew for six days before the ceremony. Yes, six days. Less than a week. In fact, the ceremony occurred in May, right around when the Washington Post was reporting on his breakup with Hallie. 

So, what’s the big picture here? Hunter Biden is a mess. Regardless of what you think about quid pro quos, you can admit this man should probably not be making any decisions that might impact foreign relations. He certainly shouldn’t be trotted out by the media as an innocent bystander in all this drama. I don’t know if Hunter Biden committed any crimes by working for Burism. I do know that with his past and his present, it doesn’t look well. In fact, if I was his father and I was serving in a high position, seeking an even higher one, I wouldn’t have let him take that job. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member