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Remember “gay-hating”, “scum of the Earth” Chick-Fil-A? After the tragic terrorist attack that shook Orlando last week, everyone that called Chick-Fil-A those names, among others that aren’t appropriate for polite company, are eating crow. That’s because Chick-Fil-A came out in full-force after the Orlando shooting and gave the community something tangible that showed love and support beyond a public statement.

Chick-Fil-A is known for being closed on Sundays, providing employers time to attend church and/or spend time with their family. The Pulse Nightclub shooting happened in the early hours of Sunday, and it was not long before people all over the state began lining up to donate blood to help the survivors of the horrific terrorist attack.

So what did Chick-Fil-A do? Did they issue a public statement condemning gay marriage? Did they stay quiet and do nothing? No. They launched into action and opened up their kitchens. They got to cooking, and prepared food and beverages for all the kind people donating blood and the servicemen in the area. Police officers, firefighters, and volunteers in the area were treated to chicken biscuits, coffee, and orange juice and people donating blood were given cards for free sandwiches.

A spokeswoman for the chicken franchise told the Huffington Post, “I can confirm that while we have a corporate policy that firmly states we are closed for business on Sundays, there have been rare cases that move our local operators to respond with food donations to help communities in need. The events in Orlando stirred our local restaurant owners and their teams to band together to provide nourishment to first responders as well as volunteers who donated blood.  We do not think this requires any recognition.  It is the least we can do in this community we love.”

Chick-Fil-A employees, those very same ones that people a few years ago claimed should die because they worked at an organization founded by a man opposed to gay marriage, made the decision to leave their family and churches behind and head into work to support their community in a way that few others could.

“When you’re in the midst of a tragedy, you just go where you’re told you are needed,” the restaurant’s area marketing director, Cindy Coffman, told Independent Journal Review.

Chick-Fil-A filled a role in the community that was much needed after this tragedy, but they didn’t have to. They could have stayed quiet, prayed, and kept their restaurants closed. But that is not how a good Christian organization operates. They see a need in their community and they meet it. The town was obviously in shock, and who is thinking about food at a time when almost fifty people are dead and more than fifty are wounded and fighting for their lives? It may seem like the last thing on our mind at the time of a tragedy, but food is comfort, and no one is going to get anything done if they haven’t eaten.

Chick-Fil-A proved this past week that they aren’t the gay-hating restaurant that people have claimed. Tragedy knows no orientation, and any Christian-based business is going to go out of their way, whenever possible, to help those in need, especially in the wake of such a national tragedy.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that left-leaning news outlets like MSNBC and Mother Jones didn’t cover the outpouring of kindness and support from Chick-Fil-A in the wake of the Orlando shooting.  Why would outlets devoted to tearing Chick-Fil-A down as a hatred filled restaurant want to highlight something that contradicts that to a tee?

Thank you, Chick-Fil-A, for being a beacon of hope in what so often seems to be a dark world. Thank you for hiring employees that go out of their way to create a culture of caring in every community. Thank you for doing what needed to be done in the wake of such a horrific tragedy. Thank you for seeing a need in your community and meeting it. Thank you for putting politics aside when so many people couldn’t. Thank you for taking care of those who are trying to take care of others. We love you.


Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member