As election season heats up across the country, certain races have become zeroed in on as people realize the importance of their vote and get energized about spreading the message of their given candidate(s). One race that has turned a great deal of heads is the United States Senate seat recently vacated by Al Franken and currently held by his replacement, Tina Smith. Although Smith intends to run for election of the seat, Karin Housley has stepped up as a challenger to the far-left appointee. Running for a seat held by the opposite party is not always easy, but Housley has managed to rally supporters from all across the blue state. As she gains more popularity, the future begins to look brighter and brighter for not only Minnesota Republicans, but people across the United States who are ready to see a change. I sat down with Karin and asked her a few questions to get a better look at who our hopeful Senator is, both inside and outside of politics.

Aside from her former role as a Minnesota State Senator and her, hopefully, future role as a United States Senator, Karin Housley is a wife, a mom, and a grandma. She is also a small business owner as she owns a real estate business. Spending time with her family is her true passion. Politics plays a big role in Housley’s life as well. She entered into the political arena when she got fed up with the tax climate that was killing her as a small business owner in Minnesota. “The taxes were higher than the states around us and regulations were brutal. It felt like the government was trying to put me out of business,” Housley tells FFL. She had the option to either go out of business or do something about it – so here she is today, doing something about it. Housley focuses her political career on the issues that mean the most to her: taking care of our senior citizens, helping Minnesotans keep more of their hard-earned dollars, and keeping the government as small as possible. As a politician pushing for her beliefs, Karin has a track record of working across the across the aisle while still being nice as she does it, something that needs to be done a lot more in DC. That is why Karin will be a friendly face for Americans. Partisanship and extremism is running wild on both sides of the aisle, and everyone will benefit from Karin’s fresh and friendly voice.

Being the first ever endorsed female candidate by the Republican Party of Minnesota, Karin Housley is a role model for young women across the state who yearn to enter into the political ring someday. I asked Karin what her advice to those women would be. She said, “Go do something else first. Find your niche that you really love so you have something else to bring to the table. If you have nothing else besides politics, the only thing that you bring to the table is more government.” Karin also would tells FFL’s readers  to “believe in yourselves that you can do anything you set your mind to. Never in a million years would I say I am doing what I am doing right now, but I jumped in when there was a need and I’m doing it!”

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America needs women who are as classy and intelligent as Karin Housley. As midterm elections near, keep a close eye on this race. No matter how tough things might get, Housley will continue to be a positive role model for women, and as her slogan says, she will “work hard, play fair, and do the right thing.”

Karly H