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To every man who loves & supports a conservative woman or women: thank you,

Thank you for dealing with our sass.

We might be strongly opinionated and fiercely sassy, but it’s only because we care. We care about our government, the future of the country, and how both impact our lives.

Thank you for not letting the high heels and red lipstick intimidate you.

Surprisingly enough, not every man can handle a girl who loves to click everywhere she goes and leave lip prints on every glass she drinks from. Shout out to y’all for being the real MVPs and dealing with how high maintenance (yet totally worth it) we can be sometimes.

Thank you for not getting mad about our debates.

Whether it’s on the first date, at dinner, or a Christmas party, we always seem to be able to question where someone “stands”. Sometimes you end up bearing the brunt of our politically heated “discussion”, and we appreciate you for that.

Thank you for not backing down.

Every strong woman needs a strong man to challenge her to think critically, see the other side, and open her mind to new ways of thinking. Thank you for being those strong men. Whether you’re the father, brother, boyfriend, husband, or best friend, you’ve helped us grow in some way.

Thank you for not minding our politically charged social media posts.

Yes, we know we can get a little feisty at times, but that’s why you love us, right? Thank you for scrolling past the posts with a “like” or “favorite” and always showing your support in little ways. It’s always the little things that count the most.

Thank you for watching hours of the news.

We like to stay informed so thank you for understanding our constant need to know what’s going on in the world. Political debate season can get pretty interesting, too, so a super thank you for the nights you listen to hours of mindless chatter back and forth.

Thank you for not getting mad when we accidentally scream over a news update.

I will admit I’m probably the worst offender on this one. Whether it’s driving down the road, in a class, or at a sporting event, whenever I hear the familiar “ding” from my news app, I’m checking my phone. Occasionally, those updates mean I’m in a blind fury over something that happened, and man oh man will the world know about it. So thank you for not swerving the car, telling us to be quiet, or that we’re being irrational.

A lot of people don’t realize the intense scrutiny conservative women are under these days for “not caring about women’s health” and “submitting the the patriarchy”, when in reality we’re just standing up for what we believe in. Thank you for being the men who understand, love, and support us. We couldn’t do it without you… (or could we?)

Corrie L
FFL Cabinet Member
Corrie is a Cabinet Member at FFL. She is passionate about coffee, Jesus, and lipstick, and never wears white after Labor Day. If she isn't busy talking about law school or FFL, you can find her studying constitutional law or reviewing a contract. Her plan A is Super Mom turned Supreme Court Justice, and she hopes to one day be just like Sandra Day O"Connor.

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