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The White House Correspondents Dinner took place last night, with an emphasis on the First Amendment and a celebration of free speech. However, some of the sentiments that were expressed last night have been in news headlines this morning for their controversial content. Comedian Michelle Wolf, whose jokes ranged from attacks on Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to abortion, made comments that many claim went over-the-line.

Michelle Wolf took to the microphone to deliver a scathing succession of remarks against Sarah Huckabee Sanders – ones that were highly personal and, subsequently, demeaning. She criticized Sanders’ manner of speech and her appearance, with comments about her makeup, in particular. She then insinuated that Sanders was a disappointment to white women everywhere, asserting that she was an “Uncle Tom” figure for white women.

This is not the first time the left has demonstrated their utter disdain for Sanders, as Chelsea Handler came under fire for promoting a video earlier this year that also mocked the Press Secretary’s appearance. However, Wolf’s attack was incredibly inappropriate and uncalled for, as Sanders was sitting just feet away as the comedian delivered these remarks. Many disagree with Sanders, and that is not something to be condemned, but speech which bullies and degrades a woman is absolutely condemnable. Hailing Sanders as an “Uncle Tom” and railing against her physical appearance is far beyond the bounds of criticism, and it far exceeds the realm of “funny”. People can disagree without seeking to bury another under verbal assaults.

In addition to her comments about the Press Secretary, Wolf made incredibly distasteful remarks about abortion. Flippantly addressing the topic, she suggested that Vice President Mike Pence not “knock [abortion] until you try it.” And no, she did not stop there. The vulgarity continued when she noted, “And when you do try it, really knock it, you know, you gotta get that baby out of there.”

This is truly a disgusting take on abortion. It is not funny, it is not laughable. Of course, conservatives can take a joke, but this was genuinely despicable, considering the gravity of the issue. Even proponents of choice are cognizant of the sensitivity of the abortion; it is a life-altering decision, and, if you are a believer in science, you know that it is also a life-taking decision.

Wolf’s comments, both those about Sanders and about abortion, demonstrate a deep disregard for women with whom she disagrees. Demeaning Sanders for her appearance and her speaking is the complete opposite of female empowerment. Wolf criticized Sanders for her supposed hypocrisy concerning women, yet in so doing, she crossed the same line. Instead of simply disagreeing with the Press Secretary, Wolf did exactly what she condemned Sanders of doing – tore down a fellow woman.

As for the abortion comments, the glib manner in which she referred to the issue underscores a deep disconnect. Many women, far more ladies than those who speak out, experience depression and remorse following their abortions. They truly suffer, and many of them do so silently. That kind of language, like knocking a baby out of the womb as if there is some kind of enjoyment factor in the experience, is inconsiderate. The subject of abortion, no matter if one agrees or disagrees with it, is not one to be discussed so lightly, much less joked about. Wolf should have shown respect for those of us who stand by science and believe that abortion is murder – and if she could not find it in herself do that, she should have at least demonstrated respect for the women who silently suffer following their abortions.

That kind of speech only widens the gap and deepens the divide between both sides. This inappropriate rhetoric does absolutely nothing except polarize the left and right further, and it turns off people from wanting to hear the logical arguments of the other side. I do not think many pro-life advocates would want to welcome a debate with those who sided with Wolf’s about abortion, simply for the fact that she demonstrated such disrespect and disregard for the seriousness of the issue. By eliminating the desire for reasonable debate, it eliminates the opportunity for solutions.

Liana I.
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Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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