Image Credits: Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post, MCFADDEN GROUP

Now that the election is over and things are starting to calm down a little more, we can all start focusing on the upcoming months and what they have in store.  

Christmas is right around the corner and soon after comes the inauguration of Mr. Donald Trump. Many of us have mixed emotions about the state of our nation. Some happy, some nervous, and some a little of both. We get so caught up in the President-Elect that some of us forget about the future for President Obama and what he plans to do after office. There are many paths the President could take but he has stated that he would like to go back to doing the kinds of work that I was doing before, just trying to find ways to help people.” Even though he will be out of office, he still will be respected as a president in the country with whatever he decides to accomplish during the rest of his life.

With his second term as president coming to a close, he will be able to focus on the issues he cares deeply about. Because he isn’t required to follow a certain path, there are so many opportunities for him to choose from. Unlike many past presidents, Obama and his family plan to stay in Washington D.C. after his term concludes. They wanted to give their daughter, Sasha, an opportunity to finish her schooling where she has been enrolled in for the past eight years. They will reportedly reside in this brick house within the neighborhood of Kalorama.


As for the president and his wife, they plan to remain very active with the programs they have started in the past eight years. These programs, including the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and Let Girls Learn, were very important to the Obamas. Let Girls Learn was created in hope of expanding girls’ education across the world. My Brother’s keeper was formed after Trayvon Martin’s death. Obama explained that for so many of our boys, it is important to have an adult who is taking an interest in them” and this is the message the group homes share. Both of these organizations provide a foundation that allows for the Obamas to work and expand, leaving them with work to accomplish after the term is over.

There is also speculation that the President may be looking to write another book in the near future. Mr. Obama has already published three books, but a memoir about his presidency could be coming soon. While the President will be free to live life as he chooses after January, he will still have several privileges that come with being a former President. This includes a lifelong pension, as well as “maintaining the dignity” he obtained as President of the United States. He will also maintain a Secret Service detail to protect him, paid healthcare, and travel expenses. Additionally, the government will also assist him and Michelle in responding to mail and coordinating public appearances.

On January 20th 2017, the Obama family will leave office and start their new life after a long eight-year presidency. He has limitless options and for now, nothing is set in stone, so we will all just have to wait and see how he chooses to spend life after the White House.

Gabriella W
FFL Contributor