To the difficult person in my life,

When I first met you, I knew we probably wouldn’t be besties. I mean, whenever you disagree with someone on something so essential to who you are, it becomes hard to find common ground. I attempted to accept this and continue to be cordial and polite. I thought this would be the way to go about having bearable interactions between us. Who knows? Maybe we could bond over a mutual love of other important things: like quality tex-mex or Disney movies. But then I decided to stop being so tolerant of your intolerance.

I realize that my political party doesn’t always have the right answer. We’re human, none of us do. At the end of the day, though, I think it’s safe to say most of us can agree that we want to see the most people happy and thriving as possible. I question your intentions, though.

What frustrates me most about you is how unwilling you are to accept that your point of view has any flaws or points of weakness. I know I don’t have all the answers, and my party or government most certainly do not either, but what I do have is a willingness to work with people to achieve positive results.

Genuine change can only occur by capturing people’s hearts with a cause. The way you are going about this is completely wrong. And although neither of us are calling major shots, you are still acting as a representative of the things you believe in. And you believe in a lot of things that other people believe in. So please don’t give them a bad name by acting so rude and unkind to me.

So often, what happens is you become so berating, so adamant, and so passionate that you turn people off. Including me–someone who understands being fiercely patriotic more than anyone else. The issue with you then becomes how to even tolerate time in your vicinity without walking out feeling worthless.

It shouldn’t have to be like this. You shouldn’t knock people down to prove yourself right. If your argument is solid, it will stand on its own. Don’t try to knock me down in an attempt to build yourself up. Stop asking me to change my beliefs when you are so unwilling to even listen to mine.

Overall, I really do hope you change your ways. Until then, I hope you take some of your own advice and become a little more open-minded.