To My Lovely Conservative Roomie,

Words cannot describe how fortunate I am to have you as my roommate; someone who has to put up with all of my antics for an entire year. Girls can be difficult to live with at times, and of course we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but what we have in common overpowers our differences.

I’m so glad I met another Constitutionalist like you. Someone who believes quite literally in the Constitution, what it stands for, and what is plainly stated in the document. The Constitution isn’t just another old document, but instead is what our Founding Fathers so eloquently wrote to form our nation. It is a document that still shapes America to this day, so thank you for believing in the Constitution with as much passion as I do.

While I have been told I am annoying on social media due to my political rants, you never care because you’re right alongside me doing it as well. You’re the first one I go to when something good or bad happens within the Republican Party. When my faith falls short, you’re the one I go to who brings me peace of mind by naming all of the strong political leaders that we have.

Thank you so much for watching all of the debates with me. Whether it’s being blown away by some of the things that Hillary and Bernie say , or yelling at Trump from the couch; you’re with me through all of it. Thank you for also not bringing up Marco Rubio’s name after he dropped out until I was ready to talk about it, we both know things like that can be difficult for one another.

We are roommates and best friends, so we of course catch each other up on not only all the latest gossip going on throughout our campus, but in the Republican Party, as well!  “Did you hear the newest information going on with Hillary Clinton’s case?” “Did you hear that so and so dropped out of the race?” “Did you hear about the senator that had yet another scandalous affair?” No matter what it is, thank you for always watching the news so that we’re both politically informed with not just the news but also the gossip that goes on in Washington D.C.

If someone speaks about political correctness, we both immediately turn to one another and roll our eyes. Political correctness is a phrase we hear often, and it originated from sensitive people getting so uptight about how a phrase or belief is stated because it “offends” them. What those type of people don’t understand is that it’s called free speech. Free speech is something we all have been given in our great nation and if one of us says something that offends the other, I know we each have each other’s backs. We don’t need to silence free speech on campus, because we have each other.

Going to a liberal college is a hassle sometimes, because we have to hear about how great Hillary would be as our next president, or how people all around us are “feeling the Bern.” Sometimes one of us will come home in a panic because we just came from a class that is full of liberals,  and we are worried that this will become our future. After the panic wears off, though, we realize that we can promote College Republicans on campus by running for office and getting stickers to put all over our Nalgene’s and free buttons to put on our backpacks.

We all have had our fair share of guy problems and I wanted to give you the credit you deserve. Thank you for calming me down when I find out the guy I like calls himself a liberal. Or when I bring him over to the apartment, I have no doubt he will either pass or fail your line of questions to him when it comes to politics. Thank you for asking the things that I can’t ask right away because it’s too soon and I’ll look like a crazy person for it.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your dedication to this country. Your love of patriotism shines through constantly, whether you’re practically wearing the American flag, talking about your boyfriend overseas who is fighting for this great nation, or talking politics with me or your family—I appreciate you so much and honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. You are constantly encouraging people that don’t vote to vote by explaining what it means to have men and women fighting for our country, both past and present, for our freedom. Thank you for sharing your values and beliefs with me as I share mine with you. Learning from one another can be hard and easy, but talking about our views and what it means to be a conservative is always an easy topic.

With love,

Kaitlin O