It’s a beautiful day to be personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes.

 Shonda Rhimes is the producer and writer for ABC’s hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” 

 Dear Shonda,

I can call you just Shonda, right? We’ve been through so much together. As an avid Grey’s fan, I’ve walked with you through a plane crash, a bomb explosion, Meredith nearly drowning, Derek dying, Izzy getting cancer, George dying, many failed relationships, many new characters coming and going, many successful relationships and many more tragic events.

How quickly you became bored with Grey’s Anatomy and moved on to torturing fans with Scandal. At first, I loved this new show. It was everything I was missing from the old Grey’s. We watched Olivia be held hostage, be lied to by every man in her life… oh, and how can we forget every scandal between her and Fitz? Every episode you, somehow, think of a way to make these characters suffer and keep us hanging on your every episode with a thrilling story and plot line. I was hooked and found myself on the couch with popcorn and wine every Thursday night. 

This past year though, Shonda, things have taken a turn for the worst. Gone are the days of sitting down to watch action-packed, intense episodes of my favorite Shonda shows. Instead, you’ve replaced all these tragic episodes and heart-wrenching story lines with content that is obviously liberally biased.

You teetered the line when you started modeling episodes and characters in Scandal after the current issues and presidential candidates (hello, Hollis Doyle as Donald Trump). It was hard to enjoy the episode where Mellie, a supposed Republican, spent the episode filibustering for Planned Parenthood, or the episode centered around modern feminism, or even the episode centered around falsehoods on guns, but I held my tongue.  Shonda, what pushed me over the edge was your Christmas episode. In this episode, your main character Olivia had a pretty graphic abortion with the tune of Silent Night playing in the background. Did you really think it was appropriate to portray someone killing a baby to the tune of a song which talks about the birth of Jesus? You lost at least one Scandal viewer that night. 

I’ll admit it. I was pissed. I took to social media to portray my feelings and swore off Scandal forever…but, Shonda, you still had a Grey’s Anatomy fan. That is until Thursday. I watched your two-hour “jaw-dropping” event. Definitely not jaw-dropping. All suspense leading up to the episode with no delivery.  I should have known better.  I’ve accepted the fact that gone are the “plane-crash” days of Grey’s that we all know, love, and miss. 

As the episode ended, I watched anxiously for the preview of next week only to find that your liberal agenda has bled over into Grey’s Anatomy and tonight’s episode is going to be focused on gun control.  Is ANYTHING free from your apparent liberal bias anymore? 

Shonda, please, can you just go back to creating content that is focused around relationships and a dramatic story line? Many of us use your shows as a BREAK from politics and we miss the way your shows used to be.  It’s unnecessary to insert your political views into every. single. episode… and commercials in which you included all the main characters of your hit shows stating their support for Hillary Clinton. 


A disappointed fan

P.s. I’m still not over Derek.

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Gabrielle B
FFL Cabinet Member
Gabrielle is a Behavioral Analyst and Autism Consultant. She is almost too Catholic to function and a lover of puppies and Bluegrass music.