Take a trip to see the original documents

Our country was founded on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. At the National Archives in Washington DC you can see the real, original copies of all three.

Volunteer at your neighborhood fair

KATHARINE SCHROEDER FILE PHOTO | Greenport Firemen’s Carnival in 2012.

Spending your day giving back to the community is a great way to spend the holiday. If you have a talent for face painting, braiding hair or doing henna, consider offering to help out at your town’s Fourth of July Fair.

Go for a swim


Take a dip in the pool during the warmest month of the year. Bonus points if you rep our country by wearing an American-themed swimsuit.

Bake with your mom and sisters

There are so many cute red, white and blue recipes that are perfect for the holiday! Grab your mom and sisters and spend some quality time together celebrating the stars and stripes.

Grill out

Fire up the grill and invite some friends over. There’s no better way to celebrate the land that we love than with hotdogs and hamburgers.

Play a game of football with you dad and brothers

Celebrate the holidays and take advantage of the warm weather by playing one of America’s favorite sports with your favorite guys.

Watch (or host) a firework display

Fireworks are arguably one of the best parts of the Fourth of July. Find a firework display somewhere near your house or head to the Firecracker Stand so you can host one of your own.

Light up the sky with sparklers

If fireworks aren’t permitted in your state or if you just want something fun to do as the night is winding down, grab a pack of sparklers from your grocery store and watch them burn.

Attend a concert

So many musicians have concerts on the Fourth of July and many of them even come with a built in firework display! Hurry and get your tickets!

Attend a baseball game

What could be better than America’s favorite pastime and fireworks? Head to see your favorite team play and watch as the big win finishes off with a firework show.

Attend a Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July parades are a classic way to celebrate the holiday. Find out if there’s one in your town or drive to the nearest historic town or city to watch it go down.

Have a lake day

Rent a ski boat or grab your Eno and head to the lake near your house. Bring friends and a picnic lunch along to make for a really great day enjoying the land of the free.

Visit a loved one that defended our country

Whether you have a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend that gave their life to keep our country free, don’t forget to go honor them this holiday and thank them for their sacrifice.

Now that you have some ideas, grab your friends and family and get ready for a celebratory day filled with food, music and freedom.

Georgia G
“Georgia Gallagher is a graduating senior at The University of Alabama, where she is double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. When she’s not studying, she can be found running political organizations on campus, writing, and advocating for pro-life policies. She often says that her planner is second only to her Bible and she’s never caught without a cup of coffee in her hand.”