Can’t get enough of the incredible content that conservative women have been churning out in the last year? I have another one for you to devour. Not Your Average Feminist, launched on December 20th, 2018, is the brainchild of three friends living in the Washington D.C. metro area and working in the conservative hemisphere of politics. Spurred by the divisiveness of the 2016 election, the hosts cover cultural issues rather than political issues and strive to look at both sides of the issue to get the full story.

NYAF is hosted by Amanda Elliott, Christina Powell, and Sarah Curran. Amanda, the common denominator, is a native of South Carolina and moved to DC after graduating college. She works in journalism and public relations and is passionate about elevating conservative female voices. Amanda started the Not Your Average Feminist Facebook page on January 29th, 2017 and has been regularly posting her thoughts about so-called “women’s issues”. She “didn’t feel like [she] was welcomed by the Women’s March” and wanted a platform to put her feelings out there. “[The] modern feminist movement did not embody everything that I believed in…I didn’t feel like I could be included in that.”

Christina Powell, a native of New Jersey who now lives in Maryland, has worked on numerous campaigns in Maryland and now works with conservative organizations. She worked at the National Rifle Association with Amanda for three years. Sarah Curran was born in (almost heaven) West Virginia but moved to South Carolina at a young age. She attended high school with Amanda and also moved to DC right after college. She worked on statewide campaigns in South Carolina. Now, she works at a consulting firm in DC. Curran also does work with College to Congress, a nonprofit focused on giving low-income students the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill.

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From the very beginning of the podcast, all three heavily endorsed the idea of bipartisanship and working across the aisle. They’ve all worked in conservative politics for several years. They know and practice the importance of “bridging the divide.” The first ten episodes feature discussions on feminism, the “pink wave” of 2018, the Women’s March, “toxic” masculinity, and the definition of conservatism. They’ve also hosted two guests on the pod so far – Janel Broderick from the Republican Governors Association and Reuters reporter Ginger Gibson.

I have really enjoyed this podcast because the hosts have been honest and open with their beliefs. In a political climate where conservative women get a bad reputation, it’s encouraging to see them speak their minds on issues. They are forthcoming with how their unique life experiences have molded their opinions and aren’t afraid to disagree with each other.

One of the issues that I know a lot of conservative women my age struggle with is the idea of “the feminist movement.” A keyword search on FFL’s website reveals a number of articles that our lovely contributors, past and present, have written. Ones like Caroline’s “I’m Not Less of a Feminist Because I’m A Republican” and Liana’s “The ‘Anti-Feminist’ Phenomenon: Why Many Conservative Women Distance Themselves from Third-Wave Feminism” represent only a fraction of the discussion on this topic from our site. NYAF’s second episode takes a deep dive into the denotative meaning of the word ‘feminism’, the connotative use of the word today, why only a minority of women label themselves as feminists, and reasons why conservative women who identify as feminists don’t feel welcomed in the movement. I loved that the hosts were able to separate their personal feelings when appropriate to present factual evidence, but also backed up their beliefs with their own experiences.

You can find the Not Your Average Feminist podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Make sure to like their Facebook page and follow NYAF, Amanda, Christina, and Sarah on Twitter! They encourage audience feedback to the podcast and will happily take all of your questions and comments.

Jillian K