Hillary Clinton – Mayor of Maywho


Well you might have thought I was going to make Mrs. Clinton the main character, but I found her better suited as Mayor Augustus Maywho. Mayor of Maywho had such a sense of entitlement when it came to winning Cheer Meister and deep down feared the competition. In addition, Mayor of Maywho bullied those around him constantly to get what he wanted. Sound familiar at all?

Bernie Sanders – Lou Lou Who


While everyone loves Lou Lou Who, the fun and thoughtful dad, he tended to be a dreamer in many ways and was often unrealistic. While Lou always saw the best in people, he did not have a lot going on up there, a little bit like a presidential candidate known as Bernie Sanders.

Carly Fiorina – Cindy’s Mother


Cindy’s mother was a hard worker and a mother. She quite definitely proved you could do it all just like Carly Fiorina (and no this is not just because she is a woman). Just how Cindy needed her supportive mom to set a good example, proving that her hard work, leadership, and thoughtfulness could be just what this country needs. She quickly made a name for herself among the candidates due to these awesome attributes.

Jeb Bush – Max


The Grinch’s dog Max is such an underrated character. While he has no actual lines, he knew what was right and what was wrong and tried to keep the Grinch in line to make smart decisions. While Jeb might not be leading the party right now, he can be counted on to make decisions that benefit majority of people, opposed to making a selfish decision.

Donald Trump – The Grinch


The Grinch came off so cold at first;  misunderstood, tended to hate everyone else, and people quite frankly wanted him to stay at the top of his mountain. While many people have similar sentiments for the leading Republican candidate Donald Trump, maybe he will end up surprising us and his heart will also grow three sizes. Or at least one can hope right?