With the anniversary of the birth of our nation, the Fourth of July, quickly approaching you’ll likely want to begin showing your patriotism. Many do this with red, white, and blue apparel, or flags displayed at their home. Others pull out their festive hats and even swimwear. Around the Fourth of July, patriotism is at an all time high. We all find ourselves excited to promote and support our great nation.

Supporting RED Friday is the perfect way to start gearing up for the upcoming patriotic holiday. The acronym RED stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed” in honor of those who can’t be home for holidays. RED Friday was created to remind American citizens of those who are overseas fighting for our freedom. This Friday tradition originated from an email chain sent to military families around the U.S. back in 2005. In fact, a copy of the email can be found on SNOPES.com. Following the original email, military spouses and families began wearing red on Friday’s to show their support for loved ones who were deployed. This tradition has spread through our country over time, reaching more families and loved ones.

If you search #redfriday on Instagram or Twitter, you will find thousands of posts from military families and friends who are wearing red to show support for their loved ones who are away. You’ll also find links to online stores selling RED Friday merchandise. If you’re on a budget like myself, you can show your support by simply wearing a plain red t-shirt!

What if we all wore red on Fridays? As American citizens, it is our job to support our troops in every way that we can, as they are overseas supporting us. We can do this by simply wearing red one day a week. Think of the morale boost this would give our troops who are deployed. When morale is high, less mistakes are made than when morale is low, thus, more lives are spared.

It is important to note that you don’t have to have a personal connection with a member of the military to participate in RED Friday. The goal is to make it a national movement. We want our American troops overseas to know that we are thinking about, and praying for them. Let’s wear red until they all come home!

Bethany P