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As an English major with a penchant for Jane Austen, and especially Emma, I have loved Clueless for years. To say the least, I was over the moon when I found out that Dionne, also known as Stacey Dash, was not only an outspoken conservative, but also a soon-to-be published author.  I’m an avid lover of books, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Stacey’s book the moment it hit the shelves. I was lucky enough to land a summer internship with Regnery Publishing, the publisher behind There Goes My Social Life and read it before anyone else got to!

To say the least, I devoured the book, but here’s a full review for those on the fence about picking up their own copy.

For me, Stacey Dash was one of those actresses that I never thought about outside of her role as Dionne in Clueless.  I never thought about if she had a family or friends or a happy home-life. It never crossed my mind. Reading her book, I realized that it is a major disservice to focus on the on-screen life of someone who is suffering so much off camera. I won’t go into too much detail, but it seems like everything that could go wrong did go wrong for Stacey, but like so many others, she has overcome and survived to prosper.

Stacey’s story is inspiring in a way that I never anticipated it to be. I grew up in a suburban, mostly white area not far from the hills of Appalachia, and I was genuinely taken aback, nearly to the point of dropping my book, when Stacey opened one chapter with, “I saw my first dead body when I was three years old.” She grew up in the South Bronx, surrounded by hookers, drug-dealers, pimps, and gangs. Yet, she survived being raised by drug addict parents and a horrible home-life to become a beloved character we all quote regularly.

One of my favorite aspects of the book was when Stacey talked about how life on different sets. While we know Stacey for Clueless and not much else, she’s had a pretty varied career in TV and cinema.  In one chapter, she reflects on her appearance on The Cosby Show. With the recent allegations against Bill Cosby, I was eager to read her account and see if she had any insight into whether Bill Cosby was the monster so many claims he is. When I finished the chapter, I was left in awe. Stacey’s experience with Bill Cosby was nothing like any of those women allege in so many lawsuits. Rather, he offered her sound, fatherly advice but Stacey was realistic about what has come out about Cosby recently and poignantly said Cosby was the type of man who seemed perfect on the service but left wreckage behind him. That was such a wise way to view this horrible situation. As more and more women come out against Bill Cosby, it is hard to reconcile that man with America’s father that we knew and loved in the 1990s, but Stacey did it so well.

Hearing Stacey talk about her experience on the set of Clueless was so enjoyable for someone who binge-watches the movie every few weeks.  Her stories about auditioning and filming certain scenes, like the epic scene about balls flying at their nose, was fun to read. In fact, that is where the title of the book comes from. One of the most quoted lines from Clueless is when, after the comment about avoiding activities where balls fly at Amber’s nose, Dionne comments, “There goes your social life!”

If you’re looking for a touching memoir that will draw you in and make you feel extremely grateful for your own life, this is the book for you. If you’re looking for a book that will show the way that conservatism can affect everyday life, look no further.  There Goes My Social Life is full of horrific stories of love gone wrong, hopeful quotes about looking for a brighter future, and lovely ties to conservatism. Pick this book up today!

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