Merriam-Webster defines due process as “the rule that a legal case must be done in a way that protects the rights of all people involved.” Due process is so important that it is found twice in the constitution, in both the fifth and fourteenth amendments. The due process clause states that the government cannot “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” Simply put, the government cannot take away a citizen’s rights without giving that citizen a chance to rebuttal. Think of due process as your right to keep your rights. It is the glue that holds the bill of rights together. Due process can refer to either procedural due process or substantive due process. Procedural due process refers to steps the government must follow before infringing upon one’s freedom or property. On the other hand, substantive due process prohibits the government taking away our fundamental rights.

By proposing bills that deny citizens their right to due process, the Democrats have actually been trying to take away our right to not have our rights taken away. Yes, you read that correctly. The “no fly, no buy” bill pushed by Democrats in congress was meant to take away the right to purchase a gun for anyone on the No Fly List. The No Fly List is known for discriminating against Muslims. Additionally, it is faulty and individuals have no way of repudiating before they are put on the list. Strictly speaking, there is no process in which citizens can attempt to overrule the decision to be put on the No Fly List before they are put on it. But doesn’t the due process clause assert that the government cannot deprive people of their rights without due process? Exactly. It is terrifying to see so many Democrats fighting against our rights instead of for them.

Democratic congressman, Jerry Nadler accidentally admitted that the “no fly, no buy” bill violated the due process clause when he tweeted, “We must not use due process as an excuse to support mass murder.” Contrary to what Representative Nadler implied, throwing away due process will not stop evil people from doing evil things. Along with Representative Nadler, Senator Bernie Sanders also showed his support for the “No Fly, No Buy” bill as he tweeted, “It’s not hard to understand: terrorists, potential terrorists, criminals and dangerously mentally ill shouldn’t have access to guns.” But what makes an American citizen a “potential terrorist?” Is it their religion? Their skin color? How do we decide who a so-called potential terrorist is without adhering to negative stereotypes about who terrorists are? Needless to say, the idea of labeling people as “potential terrorists” and taking away their rights is discriminatory.

Due process also means citizens must have an opportunity to be heard before the government takes action against them. If due process did not exist, we would not attend a trial when accused of a crime. Instead, we would automatically be thrown in jail, guilty or not. If due process did not exist, the government could legally take away any of our rights. I am tired of watching the Democrats fight against our right to keep our rights. The Democrats are waging a war on due process and we cannot lose this fight.