E-Readers have revolutionized reading for so many, and while they have not made analog books disappear like many feared, they have changed things. Many people with disabilities are better able to read now with the ability to adjust text size, add narration, look up definitions in text, et cetera. E-readers are also a big space saver. You don’t have to devote an entire room to books anymore. In fact, you can have them on one little device that fits in your hand. As a librarian, I obviously love the tangible book, but I also love e-readers and e-books. They allow so many more people to access more books, and that can’t be overlooked. Many books are only published as e-books now, and lots of self-published authors are able to get their stories out that way. 

There are lots of e-readers on the market now and their costs fluctuate from season to season and across providers. Here’s a look at how you can get an e-reader on three different budgets: save, spend, and splurge.


SAVE: Nook Tablet $50

If you are anti-Amazon but want an e-reader, consider this simple Nook tablet. You can read books bought through Barnes and Noble and also download apps. This is a great starter tablet and will usually run you around $50, but they are sometimes on sale. 

SAVE: Amazon Fire Tablet $50

If you’re willing to buy from Amazon, this Kindle Fire is a good option. It’s a great starter e-reader and you can get books from multiple apps through it. It’s blue light though, so keep that in mind. 

SPEND: Kindle $90

This is the Kindle I use, so I highly recommend it. It’s just for reading–which I love because I get distracted if I have all the apps available to me. This comes with the adjustable text and color and doesn’t glare in the sunlight, which makes it great for beach reading. It’s a little more expensive than the Fire, but it increases the experience in my experience. 

SPEND: Nook Glowlight $99

Another step up from the normal tablet, this e-reader is geared towards long-time readers who want something easy on the eyes with the ability to make adjustments and store lots of stuff. This Nook comes from Barnes and Noble and does have night mode.

SPLURGE: Kindle Oasis $250

If you’re willing to spend a little more for the experience, this Kindle Oasis is an e-reader dream. It’s got a lot of the same features of the lower price Kindles with a bigger screen. It’s also waterproof, ergonomic, and holds a lot of books. 


SPLURGE: iPad Air $499

If you really want an intense e-reading experience with more, consider reading on an iPad air. Lightweight, it’ll give you access to all the usual e-books services, newspaper services, et cetera. Plus, you can do more than just e-reading. It’s an investment, but if you’re reading a lot of different things electronically, it’s worth it.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member