Image Credits: wethreekingsillustrated

Conservative women have been put in the hot seat this election cycle. We’ve of course received lots of criticism, name calling, and the majority of feminists believe they have us all figured out. This can be demeaning if you allow it to be – but it’s important to realize whose opinion of us matters the most, which is God’s. He outlines in Proverbs 31 what callings He has for women – regardless of political affiliation.  Though they do apply to all women, let’s focus on how they can be attributed to the conservative women of the world.

The call on women by God is to work hard. In Proverbs verses 16 and 17, the call on women is to work vigorously and logically. To work with your hands, be strong, and be successful in whatever you pursue. As conservative women, fighting the right fights and being fearless in pursuit of what glorifies God is truly the root of His call to work. This means fighting for life, especially those in the womb. In addition, this means fighting for fiscally conservative policies so that you may reap what you sow. Lastly, this means pursuing freedom and liberty so that you may then use them to pursue God.

In verse 20, it’s written that a woman after God’s heart also opens her hands to the needy. This does not mean we should welfare; this is encouraging women to take care of friends in need and provide help in times of trouble. This is what a woman of God pursues; giving a hand up instead of a hand out. This is also a call to help others despite any personal issues we may have, and doing it simply because they are a son or daughter of God.

A woman of God is confident and steadfast. She trusts fully and completely in God alone and this faith does not waiver. Verse 25 even says that women can laugh at the future. We read in verse 26 that women of God are full of knowledge and instruction. We know what is right in our hearts and what is true to fulfill God’s purpose. What this means for conservative women, is that we are called to be educated (which is already the case, usually) and to be willing to show others the truth whether you’re speaking on politics, or Jesus.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the lord is to be praised.” Verse 30 encompasses all that we believe as conservative women; that is, that inside our hearts, past political lines, the heart of a woman must fear and love the Lord. This is what makes women charming and beautiful, not the things of this world. Women of noble character are worth more than rubies in the eyes of God, and conservative women are no exception.

Riley J