As we grow older, we all become more like our parents. That has become increasingly more obvious as I’ve aged and become a mother of my friend group and frankly, of people who aren’t even my friends.  Everyone loves their mother; so don’t let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with being the Mom of your friend group. Being the Mom of your friend group is awesome, and here’s why:

1. You’re Building a Useful Skill Set

Being the mom of a friend group teaches you skills that you only wish you could learn in college. You learn how to keep track of how many drinks your friends have had and how to talk them out of ordering another drink.  You learn how to split a check and calculate a tip because your friends keep forgetting how important that is. You learn how to predict the weather and make sure everyone is wearing a coat before you set out for the night. Forget trigonometry, these are the skills that matter.

2. You’ll Be Prepared for Anything

Someone forget their chap-stick? Need an extra pair of socks to go bowling? Anyone need Advil? Aleve? Midol? Did someone say they needed nail polish remover? If you’re anything like me and some of the other group moms I look up to and admire to one day be, you are prepared for anything.  This will fare you well in your friendships and also in life. You’ll never be up a creek without a paddle, because let’s be honest, you have a blow-up paddle in your XL purse just in case.

3. You Learn to Handle Minor Illnesses Like a Boss

You never let a little cold get you down, especially if you promised to double date with a friend and her new boyfriend, or have tickets to a concert you’ve been wanting to see for months.  You know how to pop an Aleve or some DayQuil and make the best of the situation, because your friends need you. You can’t let them go out alone, but only God knows what would happen then.  You’ve trained your body to handle any influenza or stomach bug it tries to throw at you, because moms never get to take a sick day.

4. You Can Fix Any Problem

Paper cut? You can fix it. Broken nail? You can fix it. Stuck zipper? Shaky heel? Indigestion? No problem is beyond your control, because you’re always prepared, and you’ve seen it all. You’ve learned to cure hangovers, sew tears in clothes, rip a seam, and make a good mixed drink, because the Group Mom can solve any problem.  Your friends, and some strangers, always come to you for help, because they know you’ll find the best solution.

5. All Your Friends Trust and Respect You

Being the Group Mom earns you a type of respect that is hard to explain but so amazing to feel. When you serve the function of a Group mom, saving the life and sanity of your friends on a daily basis, earns you the love, trust, and respect of your friends on a whole different level than you’ve ever felt before. Your friends will come to you with their most personal issues because they know they can trust you and that you’ll do whatever it takes to help them.  When they ask for your opinion, they’re going to value it highly because of the level of respect they have you for. Don’t take it for granted, because it’s a special type of love that everyone has for the Group Mom.

6. You’re Going to Be a Great Mom One Day

Let’s be honest. When the day comes, you’re going to be an awesome mom. You’ve already prepared yourself for any possible situation that can arise, and if you can parent teenagers and college students, a toddler should be no big deal, right? Soon you’ll be trading that extra flask for an extra sippy cup and the Midol for Children’s Benadryl, but you’ll always remember the lessons you learned from being the best Group Mom ever.