Image Credits: Fraternity Collection

Dear my family and friends,

Thank you.

You know how obsessed I am with politics, but you still love me despite it. I’m loud, a bit dramatic, and sometimes completely unaware of how obnoxious I am, but you still listen to my rants anyway. Thank you for still talking to me in public, following me on Twitter, and being friends with me on Facebook. You help me out with publicity by sharing my work to all of your Facebook friends, even if people you’ve never heard of start leaving vulgar comments. You tag me in any and all links regarding the election because, no matter how tired you are of hearing about Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies, you read it and send it to me anyway (knowing you will be getting an earful from me later). Thank you for always bragging about my political accomplishments.

I know you get sick of me sharing articles about how awful our current president is or how cute Paul Ryan may be, but you wouldn’t trade our relationship for anything. I appreciate you not judging me when I decide to stay home and watch the Republican debate instead of going to dinner with our closest friends.

Thank you for thinking it’s endearing when I study the Constitution instead of thinking I am boring or dull. Thank you for letting me watch Fox News every night even though you are sick of hearing about the feud between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Thank you for staying up late with me on primary nights just so I can see who wins the most delegates. And a huge thank you for taking my late night phone calls when I have nightmares of another Clinton presidency.

You’ve been by my side for all of the political ups and downs, the top Hilary scandals and President Obama screw-ups, and sometimes the havoc of the Republican Party. Thank you for your non-stop encouragement and uplifting words. Without them, I would have never realized how important it is to break away from the political world every once in awhile and take a breather. I could never thank you enough for supporting me, no matter how crazy I may get.