Being a pro-life activist can be very difficult at times but luckily, facts are on our side. A lot of people who are new to being an activist or feel like they don’t have the information to defend their position. However, there are plenty of great resources like books, websites, and podcasts. I have found that podcasts are a great way to receive this information but in a way that allows you to be doing other things while learning. Here are the best pro-life podcast episodes to help you learn from the best of the best. 

The Ben Shapiro Show- Episode 698

This is the episode that I recommend first and foremost to anyone looking for a podcast that just makes being pro-life make sense. It is incredibly informative and Ben Shapiro goes through ten reasons why you should be pro-life and he does it all at the March for Life rally in 2019. Unfortunately, because he has done so many podcasts since then, it’s hard to find this episode on any of the app’s but the link will take you to the SoundCloud link.

The Lila Rose Show- Episode 4: Is Abortion Ever Ok?

Lila Rose was one of the first well-known pro-life advocates through her work as the founder of Live Action. This episode really goes into the myths surrounding abortion on demand and all of the misinformation being spread about abortions on demand. 

Explicitly Pro-Life with Kristan Hawkins- Camille Pauley | Converting Pro-Choicers With Emotional Arguments Ep. 37

This is something that is rarely discussed among pro-life activists which is appealing to emotions. Appealing to emotions is something pro-choice activists and Democrats have been doing for years. Pro-life activists and Republicans have avoided this because we prefer logic and reason to emotions and feelings. This is an incredibly important episode to not only change the minds of pro-choice activists but also the hearts. 

Explicitly Pro-Life with Kristan Hawkins- Josh Brahm | These Are The Pro-Choice Arguments You Need To Prepare For Ep. 35

Staying with this same podcast, this is a great episode for what activists can expect when they are talking to pro-choice activists. These are going to be the common arguments you hear and how you can respond without coming off as an aggressor.

The Charlie Kirk Show- Lila Rose | A March for Life Special

Charlie Kirk interviewing Lila Rose about the best ways to deconstruct pro-choice logic. With Charlie and Lila’s input, you are hearing some incredibly points to bring up when trying to explain the Left’s logic back to them as they tout pro-choice talking points. They also go over the most common pro-choice arguments you hear and how to combat them.

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey- Ep 46 | Abortion Ain’t Biblical

If you are looking for a biblical view on abortion, Allie Beth Stuckey is your girl and this is your show. She dissects many different pro-choice arguments and how they relate to what the Word of God says about these issues.

The Rubin Report- The Pro-Life Case Against Abortion with Lila Rose

Lila Rose is a special guest on The Rubin Report where she defends her staunchly pro-life positions with her naturally empathetic logic and facts. Dave Rubin is not particularly pro-life. Because of that, the interactions are extremely interesting and discussed like civil adults.

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey- Ep 191 | Planned Parenthood Uncovered with Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson is a former employee of Planned Parenthood who famously left and exposed Planned Parenthood for what they actually are. Her story is incredibly interesting. This interview will leave you speechless.

Enjoy! Life is winning.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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