It’s time to shed some light on the left’s attack of conservative women.  Women are continually rising to fill prominent positions in politics. However, as colleges and corporations push for equality and zero discrimination towards women in the workforce, a slurry of hazing, bullying, and attacks has been directed at conservative women.

Despite claims that feminism is progressing and women are freed from their ideological and oppressive chains, the left continues to pour out criticism on conservative women.  In a YouTube presentation by Isabel Brown on The First, Brown states that this criticism frequently manifests itself in the form of personal attacks, especially regarding women’s looks or family life.

For example, Sarah Silverman, a comedian, tweeted, “I have to admit Melania is a pretty sexy lying a**hole complicit pig.”

During the RNC, when Melania was filmed, Michelle Rapaport, a comedian, actor, and podcaster, sent out a tweet saying, “#MiserableMelanie.”

Anna Wood called Ivanka a b**ch “wearing a green screen dress!!” in a tweet.

Michelle Rapaport sent out a tweet that nicknamed First Daughter Ivanka “Icky Ivanka.”

Michelle Wolf tweeted about Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying, “Why are you guys making this about Sarah’s looks?  I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a *perfect* smoky eye.  I complimented her eye makeup and ingenuity of materials.”

Even as self-help gurus make claims that women should be confident in who they are, conservative women are (sadly) the exception.  Many on the left says conservative women are not pretty, they are not well-spoken, and therefore, they become the objects of stinging slander and criticism.

Often, these women are criticized for random characteristics, such as the sound of their voices.  These attacks only serve to distract from the left’s deeper agenda to ruin conservative’s reputations.

One tweet attacked Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s voice as “high and nasally, so annoying” and another tweet said, “She sounds like she breathes helium!”

Sadly, the left increasingly targets religion in politics.  This has been made especially obvious during Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings.

Judge Barrett was attacked on the basi of her Catholic faith when Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern.”

Judge Barrett also came under more fire during her confirmation hearings, including a tweet by Dr. Jack Brown saying she [Judge Barrett] “wants you to practice her far-right, ‘Christian’, white-skinned flavor of ‘virtue’.”

Although not necessarily aimed at Judge Barrett, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted, “When politicians use faith as an excuse to pass and uphold laws that seize control of people’s bodies but not guarantee them healthcare, feed the poor, shelter the homeless, or welcome the stranger, you have to wonder if it’s really about faith at all.”

Faith in politics is under fire. This has become painfully clear as the left uses Amy Coney Barrett as their example of what happens when a religious, conservative woman steps into the political spotlight.

Even conservative women’s speeches and intellect are criticized.

Bette Midler sent out a tweet about Melania saying, “#beBest is back!  A UGE bore!  She can speak several words in a few languages.  Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

Kristen Johnston tweeted, “The whole thing [Melania’s RNC speech] is puke-alicious.”

Kathy Griffin tweeted about Ivanka Trump’s RNC speech saying, “‘Good evening.  I’m Ivanka Trump, but you can call me Karen.’”

While women are told they have equal rights and are empowered and encouraged to enter the world of politics, the left clings to a glaring double standard. In their eyes, conservative women are not empowered, they do not have equal rights, and if they enter the world of politics, they can expect to face withering fire from the other side.

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It’s time to take a stand against this double standard.  It is imperative that conservative women stand strong, taking their cues from those who have become sparkling examples for us to look up to — whether it’s Melania Trump, Nikki Haley, Kayleigh McEnany or another influential conservative woman.  They weather the attacks from the left with a grace and poise that is rare and requires virtue to develop.

As they provide ongoing commentary and perform their jobs with excellence, we must support them in every way, whether on social media or defending them in our conversations with friends and co-workers.

Women are powerful, whether they are stay-at-home mothers or career women. It’s time we used that power as conservative women to stand for each other and provide support when the left tries to take us down.

Marissa Long is a political writer and blogger. She grew up in rural, midwest America and was attracted to politics when she saw her generation (Generation Z) sharply divided between conservative and liberal ideologies. Her goal is to be a conservative voice to Generation Z; you can follow her on Instagram at @realmarissalong.

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