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First Daughter and Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump Goes on Campaign Swing; Meets with Members of FFL in Wilmington

On Monday, Ivanka Trump started a four day, four state tour in support of her father’s 2020 re-election bid. She started the tour in Wilmington, NC to tout his accomplishments and plans for a second term. Trump went on to visit Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Three of the event’s attendees were FFL Founder Amanda Owens, Deputy Cabinet Advisor Caroline Owens, and Cabinet Member Jill Camp. Amanda and Caroline were able to surprise Jill with a 1 on 1 meeting with Ivanka – read about her experience here.

Three Republican Congressional Candidates Upgraded to Young Guns by the NRCC; Two Upgraded to Contender

The Republican National Congressional Committee promoted three female GOP congressional candidates to the highest tier of their campaign program this week. The Young Guns tier represents candidates in competitive races who have demonstrated a clear path to victory. The three new additions to the Young Guns tier are Tiffany Shedd (AZ-01), Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13), and Stephanie Bice (OK-05). The Contender tier is the second one in the program and features candidates who are building up their campaign operations and are in districts or races that appear to favor the GOP candidate. Of the three new additions, two are women: Rosemary Becci (NJ-11) and Aliscia Andrews (VA-10).

GOP Women Stand Up for Sen. Joni Ernst After New Republic Article Juxtaposes Her Sexual Assault and President Trump

Yesterday, The New Republic tweeted out a column entitled “Behind Every Republican Man” (which is sexist in and of itself if you ask me) about Senator Joni Ernst’s rise to the Senate and her struggles with moderating her support for the President. In addition to these themes, the author highlights about Ernst’s domestic and sexual assault revelations over the last few years. The social media team decided to take this a step further and post the column with the caption “Joni Ernst survived an abusive husband. Her Senate career may not survive an abusive president.”

Conservatives immediately latched on to the tweet to defend Senator Ernst and even a few Democrats and moderates. Elected officials such as Senators Martha McSally and Shelley Moore Capito and Representatives Ann Wagner and Elise Stefanik stood up for their fellow Republican woman, who eventually sent a tweet of her own. The tweet was eventually taken down and replaced with a tamer caption, but the substance of the article remains.

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Jillian K