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We’ve all been there – The Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage, your favorite candidate (finally!) announces, a huge debate sparks over the Iran deal, and you’re itching to talk about it. What are the long term implications? How will the public respond? There are SO many things to discuss. Unfortunately, when you turn to your group of friends to ask if they think Chris Christie has a chance, your eager expression is met with a blank stare. “Um, who?” and your world comes crashing down. You press on, asking who they think they might vote for and what issues are important to them, but they shrug and visibly get more bored by the second. Then you’re hit with the dreaded words that have become way too common among our peers, “I don’t really care about politics anyway.” These are your best friends, they know everything about you and have spent countless hours riding with the windows down, singing at the top of your lungs, and spilling your deepest secrets to them. How can they simply dismiss something that is so important to you?

The truth is, being a young politico is hard. Most people our age don’t get it. They don’t understand why we are so passionate about politics. Honestly, your friends most likely aren’t going to sit through the upcoming debates and carefully consider what the candidates have to say and they definitely won’t want to discuss it the next day. It’s so frustrating to be the only one who spends their time keeping up with current events rather than keeping up with the Kardashians. I’ve been told by so many friends that I’m way too young to spend my nights watching the news while I cook dinner but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my time on this earth, I’ve found that there are three types of friends.

1) Those that genuinely care and share your excitement. These are the best kinds of friends to keep around. They keep you active and are always ready to chat about the latest news.


2) The friends who are supportive, but unaware. While they stand by you and encourage you, they just don’t get it. They’ll listen to your latest Hillary rant for a few seconds before tactfully steering the topic elsewhere.


3) The last type of friend is the one that I, unfortunately, run into the most. The second a political phrase rolls off your tongue, their facial expression goes blank and boredom fills their eyes. They nonchalantly nod while staring off into space.


Find those friends described in number one and hang on to them. If you can’t find any in your friend group, reach out, even wearing a FFL shirt to school could spark a new conversation! You could also join your campus’ political clubs, reach out on social media, connect with those who share your passion. Some of my BEST friends live on the opposite end of the country and that’s okay. Use outlets like FFL to connect with like-minded young women. Don’t let those who don’t care bring you down. Just because a friend doesn’t care about politics doesn’t mean they don’t care about you, they just have different interests. You can still be best friends but connecting with others who will debate and discuss with you allows you to still live out your passion while keeping friendships that you treasure.

Recruit the friends described in friend category number two. Help them get involved. We want to encourage more young women to get involved. It’s important for others to understand why you care so much. Everyone has run into the friend that “just doesn’t care”never let it stop you from being active and involved in politics.

Lauren N
Lauren is one of our managing editors here at Future Female Leaders. When she is not editing FFL articles, you can find her color coding her whole life in her Lilly Pulitzer agenda. She's a southern girl who loves Hokie football and isn't afraid to be politically incorrect, so consider this your trigger warning.

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