Image Credits: Aliza Licht / Leave Your Mark

At FFL, we thrive on empowering other women to make their lives the best they can be. A big part of that involves recommending books that can help women find their inner #girlboss and kick butt in your career or on campus.  

Recently, we started an initiative among our Contributors and Cabinet Members called “girl boss books” that will help us reach our full potential and strengthen our minds.

Our first book is Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job, Kill It in Your Career, Rock Social Media by Aliza Licht, the former PR person for Donna Karen’s brand DKNY. She became something of a Twitter celebrity as DKNY PR Girl, but before that, she struggled like the rest of us and worked her way to the top.

Leave Your Mark is not only her story, complete with funny anecdotes, but a how-to guide for making your mark on the world and building your personal brand. As someone who is interested in being a publicist, I found this book especially helpful, but if you love fashion, magazines, public relations, or just getting ahead in your career, you’ll love this book.

Throughout the book, Aliza offers some “insider tips” and we’ve compiled the top 25 here to help you break ground on leaving your mark.   

  1. If you have no one to show you the ropes, you have to build a ladder

  2. “To Whom It May Concern” never concerns anyone

  3. A one size cover letter does not fit all

  4. Use your internship to start thinking and acting like a professional

  5. When you have a glaring omission or lack of experience on your resume, it’s best to address it head-on

  6. Keep your resume real, otherwise people will see right through you

  7. Don’t expect a thank you or a pat on the back. Do a great job for YOURSELF

  8. Filter what you say to your boss

  9. Read the company’s social media policy before posting anything-even after hours

  10. People who already have jobs hear about job opportunities first

  11. Your “weakness” should never be a core competency of the job you’re going for

  12. You don’t get a promotion for doing your job; you get a promotion for going above and beyond your job

  13. Don’t just learn your job, but everyone else’s

  14. Third-party credibility is always more powerful than anything you can say on your own behalf

  15. Judge a job on its future potential. A seemingly lateral move could ultimately prove to be the opportunity of a lifetime

  16. Forget the long-term career goal. Nail what is right in front of you and your next step will become crystal clear.

  17. Work at the opposite job to gain experience for the job you ultimately want

  18. Putting everything in the subject line gives the reader no reason to open your email

  19. Not every tweet has to include an image or link, and the shorter a tweet is, the more engagement it gets

  20. When it comes to online content, if you don’t want to watch it, no one else will either.

  21. Transparency and authenticity rule in social media. People not only expect it, they demand it

  22. Sprinkle the commercial in every once and a while but the rest of the time, tell a really good story

  23. Don’t shatter your professional image by sharing the dirty little secrets of your real life

  24. Real leaders are never afraid of the people who walk behind them. Real leaders are too busy looking ahead to the future to care.

  25. Good speakers not only command attention, but also respect

    If you like these, consider picking up the entire book here.

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    Aryssa D
    FFL Cabinet Member